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Marvel’s Mister Fantastic just leaked on camera

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres in just a few days, with Marvel making its final marketing push for the movie. We’ve seen a few big Illuminati revelations over the weekend,

just as big Fantastic Four news dropped. The two projects might seem unconnected, but they’ll both be part of the big MCU storyline.With that in mind,

You should know that Marvel’s new Mister Fantastic has leaked a few days ahead of the Doctor Strange 2 premiere.

an exciting Doctor Strange 2 rumor said on January 14th that the film will feature a brilliant cameo that hadn’t leaked before.

Marvel had just concluded a massive session of reshoots. The purpose of the extra weeks of filming was to clean up the story and add more cameos.A few days later,

news broke that Marvel had cast fan-favorite John Krasinski to play Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in the movie. That’s the actor who fans urged Marvel to cast in Fantastic Four.

Now you should be up to speed on all the Mister Fantastic rumors for Doctor Strange 2. But nothing can prepare you for the massive leak we just witnessed.

A series of videos and clips appeared online over the weekend showing the four members of the Illuminati as they meet Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in Doctor Strange 2.

That’s Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel… and yes, Mister Fantastic.The video is blurry but you can clearly tell who ister Fantastic is. We’re looking at John Krasinski in that uniform.

Wanda will fight Captain Marvel and Captain Carter.Therefore,we know the Illuminati can’t reason with her. And the set of images below shows that Mister Fantastic’s elasticity will not come in handy.

That’s right, Doctor Strange 2 will be the first movie that brings the beloved character Mister Fantastic to the MCU. But that doesn’t mean this particular Mister Fantastic variant will survive.


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