Micah Parsons wins NFL’s fastest man race

Micah Parsons, the Cowboys' 245-pound rookie linebacker, won the NFL's fastest man race at the Pro Bowls skills competition on Thursday.

But Parsons admitted afterward that he’s not really the fastest man in the NFL.

Instead, Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, Browns running back Nick Chubb, and Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs finished behind Parsons in the race, according to Parsons.

Parsons noted that Hill wasn’t giving it his all in the race and is still healing up from Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

“I know he isn’t coming out here and playing his best. He just played a couple days ago."

He’s the fastest man in the league. I’m just happy to be somewhere in the middle.

I do want a Madden 95 speed, though,” Parsons said.

The Pro Bowl skills competition was created by the NFL in an attempt to duplicate the popularity of the NBA's dunk contest and baseball's Home Run Derby.

Although it hasn't gotten much attention thus far, a fastest man competition might possibly pique viewers' interest if the league's quickest players took it seriously.