Study finds more spice may help adults avoid salt

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Add a little spicy seasoning to a low sodium meal, and adults over the age of 60 may have a harder time noticing a lack of salt

#2. Russia

 the study tested saltiness perception in older adults using white sauce formulations with varying amounts of salt and different spices and seasonings added.

#3. China

The results of the analysis showed the addition of chipotle seasoning to the white sauce made it difficult for the study participants 

 Conversely, the addition of herbs, such as basil leaves, garlic powder and coarse ground pepper, was not as effective at masking the samples with less salt.

- Epicurus

#4. India

The research points to the significant role that spice could play in reducing salt intake for people over 60.

#5. japan

"We were working specifically with a population of older adults to see if we could reduce the amount of salt in a product and then tailor it to their tastes," Ross said. 

Previous research examining saltiness perception in older adults has tended to use water as a matrix for tasting experiments rather than actual food products.

- Epicurus

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