Negative Side Effects of Eating Prunes

Bloating and Gas

Prunes are naturally high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. A half-cup serving of prunes contains 6.2 grams of fiber

The side effect of high fiber is bloating and gas so eating too many prunes may cause some intestinal discomfort, especially if you are not used to a diet high in fiber.


Natural Laxative

Prunes contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that has laxative effects, which causes bowel movements when taken in sufficient quantities.

A half-cup serving containing 10 prunes yields roughly 12 grams of sorbitol. Prune juice, because it is more concentrated than whole prunes, 

Dangers  Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a carcinogen that is produced during the process of drying plums. Prune juice content ranks relatively higher on the acrylamide index

Although consuming prunes in moderate amounts is relatively safe, the carcinogenicity is a concern if you eat too many

Weight Gain

Prunes pack a punch with their weight-gaining sugar content. One serving of six uncooked prunes contains 137 calories and 22 grams of sugar

One-cup of prune juice contains about 185 calories. And the high glycemic index of prunes may raise your blood sugar levels

Dependency  Laxatives

Eating too many prunes for a laxative effect, possibly because of the inaccurate belief that laxatives are effective for weight control, could be harmful to your body

Overuse and dependency on laxative-producing foods can cause electrolyte and mineral imbalances and damage the function of nerves and muscles

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