Nutrition foods to avoid with kidney disease

 Dark-colored soda

In addition to the calories and sugar that sodas provide, they harbor additives that contain phosphorus, especially dark-colored sodas.


Avocados are often touted for their many nutritious qualities, including their heart-healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants.

Canned foods

Canned foods such as soups, vegetables, and beans are often purchased because of their low cost and convenience.

Whole wheat bread

Often for healthy individuals, whole wheat bread is usually recommended over refined, white flour bread.

Brown rice

Like whole wheat bread, brown rice is a whole grain that has a higher potassium and phosphorus content than its white rice counterpart.


If you have been instructed to limit your potassium intake, it may be difficult to do so if a banana is a daily staple.

orange juice

While oranges and orange juice are arguably most well known for their vitamin C content, they’re also rich sources of potassium.

Processed meats

Processed meats have long been associated with chronic diseases and are generally considered unhealthy due to their preservative contents.


Apricots are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber.
They’re also high in potassium. One cup of fresh apricots provides 427 mg of potassium.


Tomatoes are another high potassium fruit that may not fit the guidelines of a renal diet.
They can be served raw or stewed and are often used to make sauces.

Canned food recipes