Personal Tale By Ketanji Brown Jackson

Following Donald Trump's Controversial Selection Of Three Right-Wing Supreme Court Justices, The Senate Confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson On Thursday.

People Who Think The Appointment Of KBJ, As She Is Fondly Known, Will Significantly Alter The Balance Of The Supreme Court Should Reconsider.

She Retains The Court's Conservative Majority Of 6-3 By Replacing Stephen Breyer. After Showing Partisanship In Voting And Union Rights Issues, The Court May Do So Again In Roe V Wade.

Jackson And Her Two Liberal-Leaning Colleagues, Sonia Sotomayor And Elena Kagan, Will Have To Accept Being In The Minority For Now.

Her Historic Status As The Court's First Black Woman Since 1790 Sits At The Top Of The List. She Will Give The Perspective Of A Florida Jim Crow Child.

“Her Personal Story As A Black Woman And Her Broad Legal Background Will Have An Impact,” Said Noreen Farrell, A Civil Rights Lawyer And Executive Director Of Equal Rights Advocates.

“She Will Provide A Fresh Viewpoint To The Court As Someone Who Has Defended Destitute Clients And Persons Who Have Not Always Been Treated Fairly By The Judicial System.”

FiveThirtyEight's Predictions For Jackson's Fate Differed Based On The Data Model Employed. Sotomayor And Kagan Are To Her Right, Kavanaugh And Roberts To Her Left.

Nobody Knows From Her Eight-Year Stint On An Appeals Court And Her Earlier Verdicts. Former White House Attorney Don McGahn Will Be Able To Appear Before Congress In 2019.

A Thorough Judge, With Extensive And Detailed Decisions And A Remarkable Attention To Detail, Farrell Believes Jackson Will Have A Big Impact On Her Colleagues, Especially The Conservative Ones. 

A 30-Year Or Longer Tenure For Jackson Would Benefit The Left Wing. The Impact Of Her Work Will Be Felt For Years, Farrell Said.