Report: Pistons made trade offer to Sixers for star guard Ben Simmons

 10 trade deadline is quickly approaching and the Philadelphia 76ers face another decision point on disgruntled star Ben Simmons

The Sixers front office seems content to wait out the market to see if it can grab James Harden in the offseason.

But anything can happen before the deadline.

There is understandably a lot of interest around the league for Simmons. Despite what has been going on off the floor and the fact he still cannot or will not shoot

he is a difference-maker on the floor due to everything else he can do.

The situation in Philadelphia hasn’t changed since July: Daryl Morey’s front office has thus far rebuffed

Simmons offer that hasn’t included an All-Star-caliber partner for Joel Embiid who’s on the Sixers’ wish list.

The Pistons’ package of Grant, Saddiq Bey, Kelly Olynyk and a first-round pick, for example, was not met with much enthusiasm by Philadelphia brass

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