EVER SO OFTEN, a show sticks in the collective memory. No matter how long it takes between seasons or how off-kilter the plot gets, some shows just keep on giving.

According to an open letter released to Netflix’s blog, Season 4 of Stranger Things is so long — nearly twice as long as any previous season — that the release is split into two. 

One half will release on May 27, and the other on July 1. For those planning binges at home, that’s the Friday before Memorial Day and the Friday before Independence Day.

From what we can gather from the release, it looks like this isn’t an increase in the number of episodes, but episode length — we may even see a number of episodes reaching feature-length runtimes.

The Duffers also announced the series' end with Season 5, as planned from the start. This is not surprising given the length of time since Season 1 and the rising stardom of each of the young actors involved.

But what will these seasons cover? According to Netflix, Season 4 will pick up six months after Season 3’s Battle of Starcourt, with the Hopkins gang separated for the first time.

Season 5 is unpredictable due to Season 4's massive size, but the looming threat of the Upside Down must be resolved for the storey to end. The nostalgic horror may not be over yet.

In the world of Stranger Things, the Duffers claim "many more exciting stories await." Is there a spin-off? Film? Fans have been clamouring for since 2017? Netflix lets you do anything. But first, this storey has more.