The Best Foods to Eat for Your Heart

Leafy greens

This is because the fibre content of whole fruits and vegetables is superior to juiced fruits and vegetables.

Consuming fruit in whatever form (fresh, frozen, canned or dried) provides essential nutrients for the heart, but watch out for additional sugar or salt.

Peaches and darker fruit

Whole grains are defined as having the germ, bran, and starchy endosperm intact, and they must contain at least 51% whole grains to be designated as such.

Whole grains

These high-fiber, protein-rich legumes are a great alternative to meat-based proteins.


Fish and other seafood are recommended at least twice a week to help reduce the risk of heart disease, especially if they replace high-fat diets.


Low-fat dairy products often include more sugar than non-fat dairy products, so be sure to read the label carefully.

Low fat or non fat dairy

Replacing these processed meats with moderate amounts of unprocessed poultry can help you lower your risk of heart disease.


One major goal in eating a heart-healthy diet is to limit your number of trans and saturated fats, and replace them with unsaturated fat.

Liquid plant oils like olive oil

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