Mutual abuse

To some observers, the relationship between Ms Heard and Mr Depp could be summed up in these two words: mutual abuse. 

Rampant substance abuse

According to Ms Heard, Mr Depp frequently abused alcohol, cocaine and painkillers.  Mr Depp rejected, saying her characterisation was "grossly embellished" and "plainly false". 

Burn Amber

Mr. Depp was exchanging text messages with British actor Paul Bettany in 2013. "Burn her friend," Depp wrote, referring to Mr. Haad 

Personality disorder

Forensic psychologist. Shannon Curry told the judge that she believed that Amber Heard had a double diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

hundreds of death threats

Ms. Heard gave testimony about the harassment she received after her divorce. "I have been threatened with hundreds of killings, if not every day, on a regular basis.

Kate Moss's court appearance

 In her testimony , Ms. Moss denied that Mr. Depp had ever pushed her down the stairs. "He never pushed me, kicked  or threw me downstairs," Ms Moss said.

An unlikely star

While Depp and Heard brought  extraordinary  power to the Fairfax court, it was Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez, who became a star of the trial.

 doomed trip to Australia

According Mr Depp, he lost the tip of his middle finger, when she threw a vodka bottle at him. Ms Heard said he sexually assaulted her that night with a liquor bottle.

 'the Monster'?

Ms Heard told 'monster' was, a volatile and violent version of him, appearing when he was drunk. Mr Depp said 'monster' was a phrase he only used  to appease his wife to avoid conflict.

Depp testifies he 'never' hit Heard

Mr Depp denied abusing her, telling he had "never beaten Miss Heard."In recording, Ms. Heard admitting to "hit" Mr. Depp, before mocking him and calling him a baby.

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