The Ultimatum Marry Or Move On Review

Love Is Blind Was Nick And Vanessa Lachey's Farewell Show. Strangers Converse Via Single “Pods” Without Seeing One Other Until Various Pairs Confess Love And Become Engaged.

Then Spend Months Getting To Know One Another Before Getting Married. I Know The First Season Well. “Absurd, Vile, Sweet, Toxic And Wholesome At Moments - And Addictive As Hell...” Crack-Meth.

Was It Possible To More Efficiently Exploit Emotional Frailties, Profane The Fearful, Make The Private And Dear Public And Worthless, And Turn It Into Voyeuristic Ratings Bait?

Marry Or Move On, The Response Is “Yes”. This 10-Part Bin Fire Has Six Couples, But I Count At Least 302 Couples Who Want The Other To Propose Or Call It Quits.

So Instead Of Calling Them Blonks 1-6A/B & Blermps 1-6A/B (Women), I Labelled Them Blonks 1-6A/B. The Lacheyean Universe Does Not Yet Include Homosexuality.

Alexis Wants A Ring In Exchange For Her Live-In Blonk's Cooking, Cleaning, And Laundry, While April Is A Quick-Witted, Charming 23-Year-Old Who Should Want To Marry Like Any Other 23-Year-Old.

We Urge Them To Relax By The Pool, Dine And Drink With Others. A New Partner For Three Weeks Before Returning To The Lover And Deciding To Crap, Marry, Or Move On.

Everything Goes As Expected, Which Is To Say Poorly. The Lachey/Netflix Accountants Will Soon Be Popping Up The Champagne In Their Poisonous Lairs. The Crack-Meth Mix Is Still Strong. 

The Reptilian Part Of Your Brain Is Invested In 15 Minutes, And The Higher Functions Can Only Pray For The Universe's Rapid Heat Death In The Remaining 9 And 34 Hours.

It's Bad. There Is No Moral Excuse For Endangering Others. The Idea Fails. Intuitively, No. Every Word Says We Should Build A Pyre And Burn Feminism On It Because The War Is Lost.

But The Enjoyment! Escapism! It Cleans, Empties, And Prepares You For The Next Day's Accrual Of Cares And Troubles. You Can't Move On.