Tony Bennett Preps For His Last Concert With Lady Gaga

With the help of the legend's family and his friend Lady Gaga, they were able to rehearse for two concerts held at Radio City Music Hall. 

As per "60 Minutes" via CBS News, the singer's family believed that Bennett's story could "give hope to others struggling with Alzheimer's."

Bennett's family announced that he had Alzheimer's disease in February, and this has put a few fans of the 94-year-old singer in hopes of seeing him on stage once again.

The "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" singer remembered the songs, but when talking about remembering how to perform in front of people, his duo Lady Gaga knew it wouldn't be easy.

The "Poker Face" singer even said, "For the first couple of weeks that I saw Tony since COVID, he called me, "Sweetheart." But I wasn't sure he knew who I was."

On the opening night in August, it was also Bennett's 95th birthday. The 6,000 seats of Radio City Music Hall were filled with people, and Lady Gaga opened the show.

Sadly, as per the source, Bennett had no memory of playing at the venue.

At 95, Bennett still gets recognition for his album with Lady Gaga. 

he duo was able to get six Grammy award nominations, including Album of the Year, becoming the oldest performer nominated in the category.