Top 10 Ab Splitting Exercises

 If you build them, they won't comeā€”not if they're covered in flab. Here's how to build and burn at the same time.

1. Russian Twists

Loaded Russian twists, performed for 10 reps per side. Hold a weight with both arms for resistance. Twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel with the floor.

2. Kettlebell Windmills

Bend your hip to one side. Slowly lean until can touch the floor with your free hand. The kettlebell should be held over your head at all times.

3. Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raise is another great ab exercise. Hanging from a chin-up bar, raise your legs until your legs and torso from a 90-degree angle.

4. Gorilla Chin/Crunch

The gorilla chin/crunch is similar to but different from the hanging leg raise, so it's another stand-alone exercise. Hold a chin-up bar with your underhand.

5. Barbell Ab Rollouts

Then do the barbell ab rollout. On your hands and knees, place a 5- or 10-pound barbell in front of you  as in a kneeling push-up position.

6. Cable Crunches

A classic ab move is the cable crunch. Kneel beneath a high pulley with a rope attached. Grasp the cable rope attachment and lower it to your face.

7. Side Jackknifes

Lying on your right side and keeping your left leg over your right one, place your right hand in a comfortable spot and clasp your left hand behind your head.

8. The Plank

Incorporate the plank into your workout routine! Hold yourself up using both elbows in a prone position for as long as you can.

9. Exercise Ball Pull-In

The exercise ball pull-in is a great balance exercise. Plunge into a push-up position with your hands shoulder width apart on an exercise ball.

10. Press Sit-Up

Finally, the press sit-up. On a bench, rest a barbell on your chest. Secure your legs on the abdominal bench's extension

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