Top Supplements For High Blood Pressure


You May Have Heard That Magnesium May Help You Sleep And Quell Anxiety, But It May Help Keep Your Blood Pressure At Healthy Levels, Too.

"There Is A Growing Body Of Literature Supporting The Efficacy Of Magnesium In The Prevention And Treatment Of High Blood Pressure," Says Gillespie.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Serve A Set Of Jobs In The Body, Including Maintaining Health Of Your Blood Vessels. As Per Solid Data, They, Too, May Be Ready To Aid Lower Blood Pressure.

For Omega-3s Through Your Diet, Seek Out Fatty Fish Like Salmon And Sardines, Nuts And Seeds, Chia Seeds, And Walnuts, Noted Henry.


Potassium Is Widely Known For Its Effect On Blood Pressure; Many Studies Have Supported A Link Between Increased Potassium Intake & Decreased Blood Pressure.

Further Explaining That This Is Due To The Fact That Potassium Works To Stimulate Sodium Excretion From The Body, Thus Helping The Blood Vessels To Relax.

Vitamin C

Research Has Suggested That Those With Low Vitamin C Levels Have More Of A Predisposition Toward High Blood Pressure Than Those With Optimal Levels.

Vitamin C Intake Was Linked To A Significant Reduction In Blood Pressure Levels In An Analysis Of Eight Studies. This May Be Due To Vitamin C's Diuretic Properties, According To Researchers.


"The Human Body Needs Calcium For Strong Bones And To Strengthen Blood Circulation, Muscle Contraction, And Heart Rate," Said Henry Of The Important Mineral.

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