1. Soda

If you simply can’t give up your soda habit, make every effort to cut back, find healthier alternatives, and eventually cut it out of your diet.

2. Fruit juice

When a beverage contains fruit, everyone automatically assumes it must be a healthy drink. After all, fruit is good for you!

3. Powdered drink mixes

Powdered drink mixes are typically loaded with artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame and sucralose.

4. Low-fat milk

We’ve been told for years to choose low-fat or non-fat dairy products over full-fat dairy.

5. Liquid coffee creamer

Flavored coffee creamers may taste delicious, but many of them are nothing but chemicals such as artificial flavors & sweeteners.

6. Sweet cocktails

They taste great. But they’re loaded with sugar, & the alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This increases your blood glucose quickly.

7. Flavored water

You’d think that since water is so healthy, adding a little flavor to it would be a good thing.

8. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are notorious for containing artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

9. Energy shots

You’d think that taking an energy shot would mean you’re downing a shot of liquid health , the majority of energy shots are made up of chemicals.

10. Too much coffee

This holds true of caffeine from all sources, you’re putting yourself at risk of numerous health issues