Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure

Avoiding potassium

According to Mara E. Rodriguez, MS, RD, CSR, LND, a potassium-rich diet may help lower blood pressure. 8-10 portions of fruits and veggies daily

Eating too much processed food

While you might not get enough potassium in your life, overeating one type of food might spell disaster for your blood pressure.

Constantly dining out

"While dining out used to be a treat back in the day, it is much more common nowadays especially when you consider take-out options," says Kaidanian.

Ignoring the dietary facts

"Just like you could not purchase a pair of shoes without knowing the size, you should not purchase packaged food without reading the ingredients," says Kaidanian.

Drinking too much

Overindulging in alcohol can lead to a variety of problems, and blood pressure issues rank as one of many. more alcohol than the recommended amount over time

Eating too much fried food

Fried foods are also strongly associated with high blood pressure, fried foods can raise blood pressure. First contain saturated and trans fats which can cause weight gain. 

Avoiding healthy fat

You can eat fat and yet keep your blood pressure low. Inflammation and blood vessel constricting substances may be reduced by good fats like omega-3 fatty acids.

Oversalting your food

If you need to control your blood pressure, use less salt at supper. Salt includes sodium, which contributes to heart disease and hypertension.

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