Money Heist’ season 5: Complete Breakdown

Money Heist’ season 5: Complete Breakdown for Volume 1 all 5 Episode

Money Heist, a long-running Spanish criminal drama on Netflix, is not as well-known as other shows, yet it is one of the most important shows on the platform.

The show depicts a gang of criminals who take over properties on behalf of a mysterious employer, known as the Professor. The story of the Money Heist has attracted comparisons to Ocean’s Eleven and Baby Driver, but it has earned the loyalty of its dedicated audience.

Over a year ago, the fourth season of Money Heist aired, and NME awarded it four stars. However, fans have much to speculate about in regards to the show’s . The following is all that we know so far.

Is the Professor going to die?

In the Money Heist season 5 trailer, Professor comments, “It’s conceivable this is the final time I talk to you,” before all hell breaks free and a battle starts. We’ve just seen that he would not escape Alicia easily in the trailer. Before she binds him with shackles and tosses him over a cliff, a pregnant cop takes a shot at him. Many have pondered about Professor X’s destiny because of this particular moment. Other Reddit users think that Alicia has a personal grudge towards Professor.

“The correct course of action is for her to either turn him over to the police or just murder him (obviously, this does not appear from the trailer, and they will not give it to us in the first part if this eventually happens). While I have stated the past, her interest has not been grounded in professional ambition; rather, there is a deeper cause behind it, “A Reddit user posted in the forum.

Tokyo’s past or future?

Another blink-and-miss scene shows Úrsula Corberó and a guy sharing a joke on a cable vehicle. There are a few admirers who believe he was her previous lover. This may lead to short visits to her past, particularly since she is recounting the events of the heists.

Could Berlin save the day?

Professor (formerly). The Bank of Spain robbery planning was first discovered in the earlier seasons (Pedro Alonso). On the other hand, he gave up on the project halfway through. He did not seem to have finished planning, as shown by the trailer. Berlin, his wife Tatiana (Diana Gomez), and Marsella (Luka Peroš) are seen briefly on a boat, giving us a peek at these other locations. Although the two women first connected over cocktails, Berlin was occupied by a visitor. This likely resulted in an alliance that the gang or the Professor would be able to benefit from?

Gandía turns into a human bomb?

Fans were applauding as the trailer’s final sequence came to an end. As punishment, a bald guy was pushed out of the band smoke billowing from him. People see that guy has been let free from the TNT around his waist, but they believe he is Gandía and assumes that the gang has set explosives around his body let him go. Please let me refresh your memory. Gandía is the one who assassinated Nairobi.

Money Heist season 5, episode 1 recap

Alicia Sierra holds the Professor at gunpoint, taunting him and telling him that he’s like a rat while shooting him. She intends to prosecute him for terrorism and wants to know his whole plot. When Professor tries to get out of this tight position, he gets into a battle with the girl. It turns out, though, that Sierra wasn’t going to give up that simply.

An episode from the past in Berlin revisited in Episode 1. The growth of the characters in this series has been so amazing that even after Berlin died in season 2, the city of Berlin remains fascinating and relevant. When Berlin sees his son, Rafael, in this flashback, they obviously haven’t seen one other for a long time. The kid seems somewhat irritated by the appearance of his stepmother, while Berlin’s girlfriend Tatiana looks elegant and sultry. As usual, Berlin presents a dark side as he inquires about his son’s sexual orientation with his girlfriend in the event of various circumstances. The discussion then switches to Berlin, who is a cyber security engineer, attempting to persuade his son to commit a robbery with him. However, when his son tells him that Berlin is disgusting and selfish, he promises to provide Berlin with a means of escape.

Love-struck Matt recalls a scene from his youth. Professor says that following the Paris plan, Rome will follow. He’s come to terms with the fact that the army will be called in once the police can return one of their own to the bank. They will need to get away as quickly as possible since he understands that his only goal is to destroy them. Today, Bogota feels that the departure strategy shouldn’t be sped up and reports these worries to Palermo.

As anticipated by the Professor, the police seek to engage the army in an effort to minimize civilian deaths. Libson wants to switch off the melting of gold in the bank. As the program progresses, it is more apparent that something is “off.” As of this moment, Lisbon is trying to radio into the Professor, but Sierra is currently holding him up. She brutally shoots the Professor in the foot in order to get out information. The Professor is discovered to be removing the gold from the place by compressing it into nuggets and then sending it via the sewers. She is not buying his story. She makes good on her promise by having the Professor tied up suspended over the sewage water, but he refuses to submit, so she leaves him dangling above the water.

WhenMoney Heist season 5 Episode 1 begins, we see how very desperate everything is for everyone, especially the scared Colonel Tamayo. Informing General Sagasta that he needs his squad for an attack on the bank, he waits for the general to gather the troops. When the Colonel calls Angel a lovesick puppy for expressing concern for Raquel, it shows how he failed to prevent this scenario from occurring in the first place when he was infatuated with her (Lisbon). Ouch!

Episode 1, amongst the madness, gives us some clarity and perspective on the city of Tokyo. Love may be “over very soon” in a bank robbery in Tokyo, and Lisbon says this to Lisbon. She described the experiences she had with her boyfriend and how it was as if they were impervious and breathtaking. The woman who was murdered near a bank was his sweetheart. A poignant statement made by Tokyo is that she will likely never discover someone that makes her feel the way she did. There is little doubt that Tokyo foreshadows the future of Lisbon.

Back to the craziness once again. The soldier known as Marseille has drawn the attention of Colonel Tamayo’s squad by airlifting Lisbon onto the city hall roof using a military chopper. The authorities come as he lands the chopper at a property. To play the part of a clueless local farmer, Benjamin hurls accusations at the police, calling them criminals who killed two of his lambs nearby. Rather than describing the incorrect vehicle that drove off, Benjamin leads the cops on a pursuit in the wrong direction. A separate guy emerges from the vehicle, holding a bomb on his body. In humorous manner, Angel scolds Tamayo, informing her that they’ve been scammed again. Meanwhile, Marseille flees from the authorities by traveling in a farm vehicle with Benjamin.

Back to the craziness once again. The soldier known as Marseille has drawn the attention of Colonel Tamayo’s squad by airlifting Lisbon onto the city hall roof using a military chopper. The authorities come as he lands the chopper at a property. To play the part of a clueless local farmer, Benjamin hurls accusations at the police, calling them criminals who killed two of his lambs nearby. Rather than describing the incorrect vehicle that drove off, Benjamin leads the cops on a pursuit in the wrong direction. A separate guy emerges from the vehicle, holding a bomb on his body. In humorous manner, Angel scolds Tamayo, informing her that they’ve been scammed again. Meanwhile, Marseille flees from the authorities by traveling in a farm vehicle with Benjamin.

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The ending of Money Heist season 5, episode 1

Sierra pushes Professor to answer the radio at the conclusion of the story. Lisbon realizes that the authorities know about the Stormwater Tank, and Sierra steps out from behind a pillar, using the radio as an amplifier. The others have now found out the Professor has been taken, prisoner. Flashbacks show that Professor had previously warned Lisbon that it would be over if the authorities found out about the Stormwater Tank. In modern times, Professor apologizes to each of his team members one by one. The bank is the beginning of the end—it feels like an earthquake.

Helsinki glances outside, and he sees the soldiers coming his way.

We wouldn’t expect anything less at this point in the season; the beginning of Season 5 will start with a major scene that’s both cinematic and emotional.


Additional points

  • Stockholm is livid at Manila for flouting procedure and therefore exposing herself as a member of the gang that pulled off the robbery. If anything happens to her, she wants someone to care about her kid.
  • When speaking to Tokyo, Lisbon says, “there is no backup plan.”

Money Heist season 5, episode 2 recap – “Do You Believe in Reincarnation?”

Thus, Lisbon and the crew realize the time has come to confront the army, and they prepare for the fight. After verifying that the captives are ready, they unlock the front doors. The captives walk out of Lisbon, Tokyo, and Stockholm with the cities. It’s an amazing scene – barefoot, hand in hand, with no weapons, and holding a white flag, they emerge from the building. The nation has newfound optimism after this robbery, as the people celebrate. However, you can sense the mounting tension as you wait to see what is next Money Heist season .

However, public opinion is getting in the way of the authorities; Colonel Tamayo is angry and wants to find and silence the three ladies. He reminds him that it will be chaos to make that decision, and they need to play the “good guys” – he instructs him to tell the three ladies, “Look, here’s what we’re offering: either you go with us, or you die.” Tamayo is ready to go, and so is he. The police see that the army has arrived, and they know that the primary goal is to neutralize the robbery squad, but the decision to rescue the hostages comes in a secondary position. This is no laughing matter. This is not just an idea. Arturo is using his typical plan to try to be the protagonist again.

Both Tamayo and Lisbon are able to speak freely after a security corridor is established outside the bank for talks. She emphasizes how the security guard in Gandia, Juan, needs surgery by showing him video footage. The talks are close to exploding. Finally, Lisbon learns that Tamayo didn’t use the Professor as a trump card in the discussion. The first time she thinks that Professor has been kidnapped without being included in official documentation that Sierra is a rogue agent.

In episode 2, however, we are presented with several spinning plates. Everything in Money Heist is complicated. Bogota wishes to injure Gandia because Bogota’s beloved Nairobi was murdered, and Bogota is inconsolable. Revenge is not the answer, Palmero claims. People begin to debate about whether or not to murder Gandia, with Rio and Denver caught in the middle. Gandia and Bogota battle in the center of the gym.

If everything is on the knife’s edge, outside of Berlin, she sends a message to Tamayo’s Professor, just to try things out. If the imprudent Tamayo reads no more, he insists that she should speak to him personally. Lisbon agrees to release Gandia since she knows that the battle is not really finished. The panicked look on her face as she comes back inside the bank with the captives is due to the imminent confrontation between Bogota and Gandia. Tokyo informs Bogota that the Professor has not been caught, so there is still hope. The Colombian capital cools down, but the Japanese capital loses control and launches an assault on Gandia herself.

The robbery crew is blissfully ignorant that Arturo and the Governor are the masterminds behind taking weaponry. With Arturo’s help, the hostage-takers open fire, and the heist team is overwhelmed. Denver is injured, and the group of captives that had just been established escapes. All hostages, including the ones in Manila and Helsinki, are aware of the situation.

Money Heist has always tried to debate the age-old topic of “good against evil,” but episode 2 of Money Heist season 5 explores how evil may be complex and transmitted. Sagasta explains to Colonel Tamayo that assaulting the bank is about establishing control of territory, which means there would be fatalities among the civilian population. While Tamayo fears the effectiveness of this military squad, he came up with the plan in the first place. However, I enjoy the government being the “bad guys.” The Professor has really managed to alter the minds of everyone.

It’s easy to lose sight of the Professor when Money Heist season 5, episode 2, gets underway. When he speaks to Sierra, he notices Benjamin and Marseille going inside the building via the surveillance camera, so he decides to distract her with his conversation. As she notices he is drawing her attention, Professor summons Marseille and Benjamin in an effort to get their attention. Unfortunately, professor has been drugged and put to sleep, much to his dismay. Sierra confesses that she has left the police. While they’re looking for the Professor, Marseille and Benjamin discover that he is missing. He seems to be sleeping. Despite Benjamin being in the bathroom, Sierra still manages to inject Marseille. Benjamin is found right away. Thus far in the fifth season, Sierra has the situation well underhand.

Now that the bank has transformed into a heist team against the hostages, it has now become a challenge for the heist team to free the hostages. No longer does it seem like a caper. I feel like I’m in a state of civil war. While telling Arturo to cease firing, the Governor had killed two people already, to which Arturo retorts, “This is war.” Arturo has discovered himself in the armory and has struck gold. They beg Rio for assistance since they know Tokyo has more ammo and grenades.

Since there is so much going on, Tamayo is going crazy. He feels that he heard gunshots in the bank but thinks they are part of a prank. Then Suarez goes up to him and says, “Don’t forget that there are people inside.” Meanwhile, the unreasonable Tamayo instructs Sagasta to use his squad to begin the attack. Although Denver is injured, he is advised to return to the protection of the bank rather than to pursue Arturo. He had different views about Arturo, which is why he was fired. From the armory, he takes several grenades and then hurls them down the hallway; Denver, Manila, Berlin, and Palmero have to move fast to avoid being injured. When it comes to Arturo, Denver gets spiteful.

After having played so many videogames, Arturo seems to be playing a new game of some kind, and as a result, he wields a flamethrower and shoots flames down the hallway towards Denver and co. Meanwhile, Tokyo and Rio assist unlock a safe which contains additional weapons, and at that time, the two of them look into each other’s eyes. It seemed like years ago in the bathroom, but she still maintains that she’s not going without him.

Once the army is ready to enter Lisbon’s territory, she instructs Bogota to free Gandia, who grabs a Fentanyl grenade and hands it to Gandia, who then places the Fentanyl bomb on Gandia’s own head and compels him to flee outside. The army decides to call off their operation once Gandia is set free. Although the city of Gandia falls, he is rescued in the end. Gandia is the culmination of a journey from the very beginning.

The ending of Money Heist season 5, episode 2 

After episode 2 ends, Denver and Arturo get into an argument as Arturo continues to make fun of Denver. This time, he makes claims that he was a better lover for Stockholm and said she has told him how great he is in bed. He’s tormenting Denver because he wants to draw him out. Meanwhile, in Stockholm, the struggle can be heard on the radio, so she enters the ventilators. Finally, Denver rushes at Arturo, but he comes face-to-face with a flamethrower. Manila urges him to maintain his calm and pushes him out of the path.

The episode’s second and last episode concludes on a tragic note. Rio and Tokyo succeed in getting the additional arms. “Strike” is told to the Governor by Arturo. A couple of captives put shields around him, and he climbs into a forklift truck. They travel along the corridor. Arturo fires a machine gun at Denver and company when the shields open. The fierce conflict is quelled by Stockholm, who emerges from the ventilation shafts with a firearm pointed at Arturo. He attempts to soothe her. The man asserts that she will not shoot him since he is her son’s father, but he really plans B in the event that everything fails. “One second he was walking down the sidewalk, the next he was face down in the snow.” We never expected the city of Stockholm to take a life. Was she responsible for his death? In the following chapter, we’d like the best binge.

Money Heist season 5, episode 3 recap – “Welcome to the Spectacle of Life.”

Money Heist season 5 first episode begins, with Stockholm distraught over Arturo, who has been shot, and a chorus of horror follows. In a life or death situation, the heist team is required to bring Arturo to the hospital. Lisbon wants them to assist the captive, but Palmero is against it. Arturo is carried away in an ambulance, and then suddenly, Stockholm, Sweden, falls on him. Her sorrow is deep. To assuage her concerns, Manila suggests, although it may take Stockholm some time to shake off the trauma.

Arturo is with the robbery crew outside the bank and is learning about their plans from the Governor. After labeling Sierra a traitor, Tamayo wants everyone to believe that the heist crew is a killer.

Professor Benjamin and Marseille are all being held captive by Sierra. Sierra has stirred up even more trouble for the Professor and has now found herself featured on the press for allegedly being a lone wolf and helping the robbery squad. His team manufactured evidence against her. In the event she caught, she will be placed in jail. Sierra trying to think of new plan, but everything has been thrown into turmoil with this shift. He’s in control of her. But after this, to everyone’s delight, her water bursts. As Professor attempts to offer guidance, Sierra is breathing through her contractions.

We finally reach a momentous turning point in the current season of the TV series Money Heist, episode 3. While Professor looks on anxiously, Sierra is attempting to give birth alone. However, she refuses his aid every time. Finally, he warns her that she is committing her own kid by allowing Tamayo to slip away and that she has lost the opportunity to capture him. Though Sierra would rather give up, the Professor has just discovered that she has a breech and must deliver her baby this way. As for Sierra, she must release the Professor and the others to assist.

The ending

As we approach the conclusion, the beginning of the battle stirs; Tamayo prepares his army unit headed by Sagasta, which will lead the assault, and Angel expresses his indignation. This time, he raises his voice in anger and laments the crimes committed by Tamayo, a good man. Preparation for army assault inside the bank sparks Palmero’s robbery squad since they know that Sierra has been removed from office. Palmero determines the strategy and how the team will go about achieving their goals. When they hear that the army would blow the roof, they join the army.

As expected, the episode concludes with mixed emotions: Professor helps Sierra pull the baby out, and everything about the experience is just like what you’d expect from having a new kid. However, while everything else is destroyed, the bank’s roof blown off, and Professor learns about this on television.

Money Heist season 5 Episode 3 features a range of feelings: On the one hand, fresh life and mortality are introduced as an imminent conflict looms; on the other, tragedy and despair lie ahead.

Additional points

  • Stockholm explains to Denver that they’ve risked too much already.
  • Rio and Tokyo share an “I Love You” make-up kiss to make up for missing out on their very first kiss.
  • We also get a little of a Berlin flashback and reunite with Marseille, Bogota, and his daughter, Tatiana. When one of the trios steals riches from a castle during a prominent classical music event, their kid voices his objection.

Money Heist season 5, episode 4 recap – “Your Place in Heaven.”

The idea of the show has shifted dramatically between seasons four and the current Money Heist season. Before, everyone saw the Professor’s point of view as unpopular, but today, he’s succeeded in making his point of view seem popular. But since both sides have discarded their masks, this is a true battle. As a result, the captives feel demoted. The gold feels insignificant, too. This is all about who can come out on top in the current conflict. It’s the underdogs against a seemingly unstoppable, rule-based system.

From the previous episode, the roof of the bank collapses as a result of the authorities detonating explosives, resulting in a large hole. Financially, Helsinki has suffered as a result of the explosion. Palermo frantically tells Helsinki to get away, but it’s too late: his leg stuck, and he wounded. Once the Professor is free, he contacts Palmero and Lisbon and offers his expertise in planning the assault so that they can rescue Helsinki, but they are also able to disrupt Sagasta’s team. Thus, episode 4 is “touch and go” all the way.

Before the fourth episode delves into the details of war, we get a flashback of the robbery that takes place in Berlin in the palace. Tatiana is scheduled at the castle, where she’ll be showing off pianist talents. Despite being against the concept in earlier episodes, the son assists the robbery using his computer talents. While pulling out the robbery, the father and son come upon the castle’s hidden vault, and the kid assists in deciphering the vault’s cryptic passcodes to locate the correct deposit box. Thus, the adventurers are able to locate the riches.

Berlin and his son are able to trade false jewelry for Viking gold with Marseille and Tatiana, distracting security in the process. While they’re trying to flee, the son feels the endorphins and adrenaline coursing through his body. He is now enjoying the excitement. To help his kid learn a lesson, a man from Berlin tosses a bag full of gold coins into the sea. When the next robbery comes around, he urges him to forget about all the moral superiority and arrogance. Clearly, this was only a little lesson with Bogota in scuba gear, holding the gold bag in the water while the boat speeds away.

However, to return to the present, the conflict inside the bank persists. Helsinki is in crisis to cut to the chase, and Palmero needs help, but his leg is trapped beneath marble column. Palmero chooses against amputating Helsinki’s leg because they need a lever to raise the column. As result of the robbery team’s rocket fire, several of the Sagasta squad have been injured. While all of this is going on, Professor Higgins is advising the team as the authorities have launched a second strike. Additionally, he directs Marseille to go to the store and get a baby bottle and a pacifier for Sierra’s infant. I guess that’s why it’s considered weird. A prediction that seems obvious but yet leaves one with an unsettled feeling. She must relinquish her firearm. The infant has to come first.

Palmero and Lisbon use smoke bombs to seize a wooden lever to help Helsinki while standing on top of cover fire. With captives acting as a diversion, the Professor puts Tokyo, Denver, and Manila on the roof then orders Sagasta’s squad to march around them. After speaking with Tamayo, the Professor calls the Colonel and plays a tape of him saying that they need Arturo to die, so the heist team will be associated with murder. There’s also testimony that he used falsified evidence to slander Sierra. The Professor is using psychological warfare to fight back. Either Tamiyo is going to be put in jail, or the proof he has been holding will be released. In this instance, Tamayo knows that he has been compromised. Therefore he declines to engage in the second assault. It’s Professor Zoommas again! Just getting better and better!

With the quiet before the storm, Manila confesses she has fallen in love with Denver on the top of a building in Manila. To calm her down, Tokyo and Denver both attempt to talk her down, but she needs to vent her thoughts in the event she is killed. Meanwhile, Palmero and others inside the bank liberate Helsinki. The professor orders Tokyo to storm the roof as Matias stands on the roof door, shooting his gun into the crowd below to create a distraction. Using a map, they locate the hole on the top of the building. As Angel tells Tamayo inside the police tent, he reminds her that there are captives on the roof and attacking the cops would be foolhardy.

The ending

With the episode coming to a close, Tokyo, Denver, and Manila drop down from the roof, flanking the army unit on the opposite side, putting them in checkmate. Enemy forces had encircled the Spaniards. In a scene in which Professor is compromised, Tamayo radios in and orders Sagasta to stand down. Although, Sagasta has another plan, and his plan goes into effect. The battle is about to resume.

Gandia opens a security procedure in the bank during the robbery, causing the military to leave three doors closed, trapping the rest of the crew. In an attempt to avoid being seen, the Professor instructs them to go to the kitchen. In the episode’s last moments, Gandia, Sagasta, and their troops can be seen making their way to Tokyo, along with the rest of the Gekkostate crew. Cut the stress with a knife, and then you will be completely calm.

Modern warfare starts in episode 4, with both sides at a high level of desperation; both feel that they are losing out. This chapter is full of exciting stories about new infant pacifiers, rockets, and previous heists in Berlin.

Additional points

  • As Nairobi remembers, she wants to be remembered as people feel “real emotions” towards her.
  • Traumatic memories haunt stockholm in the fourth episode as she hallucinates and sees Arturo.

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