6 Most Unhealthy Foods

Many of you may not eat junk foods to stay healthy and fit and choose some other foods like Fruit juice, energy drinks, Dried nuts, Energy bars as an alternative. But do you know most of the ”healthy packed food” you eat may even cause more damage to your health than junk food? If you don’t read about the nutrients and ingredients of such ”healthy food”, you probably eat or drink  most unhealthy foods in disguise.

Today I will tell you about those 6 most Unhealthy foods that disguise as Healthy and cause heavy damage to your health. And you even don’t know about that!

6 Most Unhealthy Foods Disguised as Health Foods!

Here is the list of those six Most unhealthy foods that look ”Healthy” but in reality affect your health.

1) Fruit Juice

Every food linked with ”Fruit” is not always healthy. The favorite and most loved fruit juices are not even near to being healthy. All kinds of processed fruit juices contain massive amounts of sugars that play with your health without any information about most unhealthy foods.

Many companies claim to have 100% fruit juice in their fruit drinks. But most of the time, that is incorrect. Popular fruit drinks contain only 10-15% real fruit juice, which is also in fruit pulp form.

The main problem with fruit juices is the sugar in them. For example, 300 ml of orange juice contains more than 12 grams of sugar, apple juice 35 grams. Even studies found out that these juice drinks have elevated levels of lead, which can harm the neurological functioning of the brain.

So stop drinking these ”fake” fruit juices and start eating or juicing fruits.

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2) Dried Fruits

We all love to eat fruits and even more to eat dried fruits as they are more tasty and easy to carry most unhealthy foods. Yes, they are healthy and contain micronutrients and anti-oxidants. But do you know how much sugar and calories these dried fruits have in them? They include a massive amount of sugars to sweeten them from the top.

Another fact is that these fruits may be contaminated with chemicals. Sulfite salts are used to preserve these fruits, And if you are allergic to Sulfites, you can have rashes, asthma attacks, and stomach aches most unhealthy foods.

Also, dried fruits have fewer weights which makes you eat them more than required! You should also store dried fruits carefully to save them from fungi or contamination.

3) Cereal

The famous breakfast has replaced our traditional breakfasts. Many of us eat it as breakfast to save our time and get the required nutrients to the body most unhealthy foods. There are also different kinds of cereals available in the market according to your requirement. Like, many people eat cereal to get protein and other dietary benefits.

But do you know, Cereals contains high levels of sugar? Yes, eating cereals in the morning can skyrocket your insulin and blood sugar levels. But at the end of the day, your sugar levels will decrease, and your brain will crave more sugars. Resulting in extra sugar intakes.

Also, eating cereals in high amounts and regularly can result in weight gain most unhealthy foods. Not just this, high cereal intake can start cardiovascular issues and other chronic diseases.

So keep these facts in your mind before taking a high amount of cereals, and you can even change back to traditional breakfasts to avoid these risks.

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4) Diet Drinks

You may have resorted to Diet drinks containing no sugar in place of regular drinks most unhealthy foods. But these diet drinks are no good for health, and they can be even worse than regular drinks. The main ingredients of diet drinks remain the same, but artificial sweetener is used just in place of sugar.

Diet drinks contain 0 calories, 40mg of sodium, and no protein, carbs, or fats. Diet drinks can result in heart and cardiovascular diseases due to the artificial sweeteners contained in them. Also, drinking one drink per day can increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes by 8-13%.

Not just this, these diet drinks can increase your blood pressure by 9% if you take one drink per day most unhealthy foods. It can also result in heatstroke.

Kidneys can also get affected due to the phosphorus content in diet coke. So choose your drink wisely if you are health conscious!

5) Energy Bars

You may take an energy bar before the gym, after the gym, or to energize yourself. And these energy bars contain a high amount of proteins most unhealthy foods. But except for that, these are not very much healthy. This is due to the other ingredients present, including belly-bloating soy, sodium, artificial colors, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

Also, the artificial sweetener used in energy bars can lead to low sugar levels and sugar cravings. Weight gain can happen due to these artificial sweeteners most unhealthy foods. So choose a more natural way to fuel yourself up!

6) Brown bread

You all may surprise to know that Brown bread can also cause health complications most unhealthy foods. Yes, Brown bread indeed has many good properties like fiber, protein, carbs but the unhealthy aspects depend on the baker of bread.

Because sometimes, bakers use colors to make bread brown, and they are no different in nutrients compared to white bread most unhealthy foods. Also, many people think that brown bread just a successful marketing technique.

Manu bread-making companies use Potassium Bromide (KBr) to bake bread. Unfortunately, this potassium Bromide has caused cancer in rats and mice and also can affect humans.

Also, whenever you choose brown bread, try to see ingredients as there can be fine flour up to 50%. And this fine flour means you are eating half white bread!

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So you have seen how some ”Healthy Food” can seriously affect your health and are just in the disguise of Healthy foods. These are just a few to name. We consume many other Most Unhealthy foods daily, and they are just working as a slow poison to our bodies.

So try to avoid packed, processed food and eat fresh, homemade Most Unhealthy foods! Also, whenever you consume ”Healthy food” try to read its ingredients before eating!

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