5 best tamil movies on netflix in september 2021

You just need a Netflix connection to match a Tamil movie. Netflix Tamil movies toss into a few explosions, a few car crashes, a few mano-knockdowns, Comedy movies, and many sword fights. Netflix is a streaming service that enables its customers to see a broad range of TV programs, films, documentaries, and other online devices. Now streams its video offerings in 130 countries. Check for the forthcoming Netflix Tamil movies list below.

Netflix Tamil Movies List

  1. Andhaghaaram: Tamil Movies in Netflix

Andhaghaaram is a Tamil movie that simply means darkness, lacks light, and is available on Netflix. But it gains multiple implications in Vignarajan’s film. First, it looks at you, and yet it’s symbolic. But are the audiences getting the gist?

Debutant Vignarajan (who also wrote the story) has a strong theme: four individuals, four distinct stories, linked by a common thread. Each character is written nicely and has sufficient flesh. The performers, too, have gladly dug their teeth into their roles. Arjun easily displays both his machismo and his fragility – he’s angry in the moments when he wants to get away from the caller, and he’s scared when he sees something otherworldly he may have experienced. As a visually challenged librarian, Vinoth excels – he is easy to work with and looks completely at Braille. Pooja and Kumar Natarajan performed softly yet left a profound impact behind them. The camera of Edwin Sakay (the opening few screens serve to establish wonderfully the film’s humor), the art production of Rembon Balraj (Arjun’s home in one-room is right out of the mafias, but the red configuration makes it annoying. Oh, these rotary dial telephones are stunning, we must admit, and the music of Pradeep Kumar enriches the story.

  1. Mersal: Tamil Movies on Netflix

Mersal’s narrative passes via the two major characters, Maaran (Vijay), a genuine doctor fighting corruption, and Vettri (Vijay). Both are odd brothers, and once they get together, they get to know their mutual adversary, Daniel (SJ Surya), who murdered their father and mother (Thalapathy portrayed by Vijay) (Nithya Menen).

Mersal deals with this story of vengeance and has also addressed many significant societal problems. This movie is available on Netflix Tamil movies. The film is filled with a number of surprise packages and its own portion of amusing aspects. Atlee, the filmmaker, has laid the film with fun and meaning.

  1. Sarkar 2018: Tamil Movies in Netflix

NRI business honcho Sundar Ramasamy is here to vote in India, only to find that his vote has already been cast. So while he recovers his right legally, he also launched a sequence of events that ultimately led him to join the political arena in an attempt to alter the system.

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In a scene after the nomination of Sarkar’s protagonist Sundar Ramasamy, he addresses the colony’s inhabitants. The first question for a rich business honcho is if he knows today the price of tomatoes. While he acknowledges his ignorance, he utilizes it to explain economics, how it impacts people’s financial position and ultimately turns the people towards him.

Director AR Muragadoss attempts for the majority of the film to show that politics is not very different from business, and Sundar, effectively performed by Vijay, continues to point out how marketing, branding, and strategy would not only contribute to gaining people’s support, they could also change the corrupt system.

  1. Game Over 2019: Tamil Movies in Netflix

Hollywood has converted games into movies, and Game Over is a new director’s effort in Kollywood. But unlike Hollywood movies, Ashwin Saravanan doesn’t base his narrative on the Pac-Man arcade game but utilizes it to make it happen.

The film begins with a brutally killed lady, and news reports indicate that this is just the beginning of a horrific serial murder. Then we introduce ourselves to Swapna, an eager player who is likewise scared of the dark. Her nyctophobia is caused by a personal tragedy that occurred only a year ago, and she cannot cope with it, and she locks herself up in the world and her parents. The only thing she wants is her passion for gaming, and the one thing she wants to accomplish is to beat her own Pac-Man score. But when she discovers that the tattoo in her wrist contains a strange girl’s ash, and her terrible history returns to haunt her, her life changes. Unfortunately, things only deteriorate as the serial killer’s target. Can Swapna defeat life in her own game? Or is one life too little to fight the demons?

  1. Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante: Tamil Movies in Netflix

Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) is an application developer who loves Meera (Ritu Varma). His all-weather buddy Kallis (Rakshan) falls in love with a friend of Meera’s (played by Niranjani).

The Siddharth-Kallis pair, introduced as nice people, are clever crooks who quickly bound themselves, bypassing electronic businesses via e-commerce websites. DCP Prathap Simha (Gautham Menon), who is personally harmed by their crime, cracks their modus operandi.

The audience and the DCP don’t realize that Sid and Kallis are more intelligent than they would want us to think. You intend to escape the system by keeping your pals in the dark (the girls think they are good). There is a twist at the intermission. It’s a roller-coaster journey from then on. What’s the twist? How does this alter the graph of the story? Is the DCP able to control the criminals? Find out in the film.

Final Wordings from Author

Well, this is the wrap for today. Yes, we know there is much more to tell you about these Tamil films, and there are other movies famous all over the world. If you know a Tamil movie that has an awesome screenplay, then share in the comments. If we missed any Netflix Tamil movie, then comment below.

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