No One Gets Out Alive- Get Ready for Netflix’s Horror Movie and Nightmares

Netflix released the trailer of his next horror thriller, “No One Gets Out Alive,” and we have all chills. The movie Netflix follows a desperate and undocumented Mexican lady who settles into a shabby boarding home in Cleveland. Then come the troubling screams and strange images. ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ promises a lot of thrills and chills down the back of the back. So be ready for the scary season for all the horror fans out there. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming horror film. 

No One Gets Out Alive cast.

No One Get Out Alive has a Starcast of Alejandro Akara, Cristina Rodlo, and David Barrera. Additionally, you will see David Figlioli, Jeff Mirza, Joana Borja, Jose Palma, Marc Menchaca, Mitchell Mullen, Moronke Akinola, and Victoria Alcock in the No one Get Out Alive movie. 

No One Gets Out Alive Movie Details


85 min


Rated R for some intense violence, grisly images, and language


Imaginarium Productions


Mystery, Thriller, Horror







Santiago Menghini




Adam Nevill


Fernanda Coppel


Jon Croker


Principal Cast


Alejandro Akara


Cristina Rodeo


David Barrera


David Figlioli


Jeff Mirza

Motel Manager

Joana Borja


Jose Palma

Principal Cast

Marc Menchaca


Mitchell Mullen


Moronke Akinola


Victoria Alcock

Principal Cast



Baba Oyejide


Moronke Akinola


Pepa Duarte

Immigrant Woman

Vala Noren




Adam Nevill

Executive Producer

Andy Serkis

Executive Producer

David Bruckner

Executive Producer

Jonathan Cavendish


Phil Robertson

Executive Producer

Sophie Alexander

Associate Producer

Will Tennant


No one gets Out Alive will be Adam Nevill’s second book, turned into a movie by The Imaginarium. The first is Ritual 2017. This time they directed Santiago Menghini, inspired by the movies Panic Room and The Hill House series.

Jon Croker, who also produces with Andy Serkis, David Bruckner, Philip Robertson, and Nevill, wrote the screenplay.

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No One Gets Out Alive release date.

No One Gets Out Alive is available on Netflix on Sept. 29. Just in time for the scary binge-viewing season of October.

No One Gets Out Alive synopsis.

A teenage immigrant comes to America after years of caring for her ill mother in Mexico. She comes illegally to a downstairs boarding home, seeks employment for cash and a cheap room. Unfortunately, her experience isn’t what she imagined, and as weird things begin to happen in the house, she feels her life may be in danger.

No One Gets Out Alive trailer.

The clip is dark and scary, with plenty of jumps, scares in the backdrop, and crazy stuff. Things appear to be very bad at the boarding home, and it seems everyone knows but is not sure what to do. It is clear that among the inhabitants of this home, there is something evil.

What Adam Nevill Tries to tell in No One Gets Out Alive Book?

In this gripping story of sessions, places of bad reputation, and perverted prisoners kidnapped by The Other, British novelist Nevill (House of the Small Shadows, 2014) out-Kings Stephen.

Stephanie Booth is a minimum wage temperament that cannot afford to go to college. She rents out a room at 82 Edgehill Rd. in Birmingham, formerly inhabited by The Friends of Light and the Bennets, the father/son of mid-century couples of proxies and assassins. The current landlord, Knacker McGuire, offers Stephanie a room that was like the scene of a potentially suicidal after an occupant’s lengthy time of despair and isolation, and poverty. But Knacker’s cousin, Fergal, is haggard and wild whose perversities show Stefanie’s residence in a house of horrors, a monster based in old rituals of fertility inhabited by the ghost of Black Maggie. 

Stephanie is a strong protagonist and kills her out of danger, but Nevill’s animated feature is Knacker, even down to her Brummie accent. Free from Edgehill terror, Stephanie became wealthy in book and movie rights and reinvented herself as Amber Hare. But even when she settled in Southern Britain, the horrific apparitions of Stephanie persuaded her that sad soul had followed her from their miserable tombs on Edgehill Road. She was overwhelmed by horror, sorrow, dread, hope, and despair.

Stephanie/Amber discovers that the Bennets and Fergal have been simple instruments and murderous tools for something beneficial. The tensions are intense, the situation is foreboding, and Nevill also provides compelling sociological insights, such as Stephanie’s knowledge that ‘everything she took for granted is gone when a celebrity comes into play. A horrific, worldly story of a young lady was engulfed by the terror which refused to be seated.

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