What is Xactanalysis?

XactAnalysis is a sophisticated suite of tools that claims and underwriting professionals can use to discover problems, track progress, and benchmark performance. Integrating XactAnalysis into the workflow of contractors, independent claims adjusters, and service providers is also beneficial.

Faster communication, better customer service

The XactAnalysis network is a communications system that allows insurers to deliver property assessment and repair estimate assignments to their personnel, independent adjusters, or contractors. The network streamlines the process by automating it, reporting on its progress, and improving communication and customer service.

xactanalysis login

Xactanalysis Login and Signup is incredibly simple. If you’re having problems signing up for Xactanalysis, here’s everything you need to know in step-by-step instructions. After logging onto the official Xactanalysis website, you can use all Xactanalysis services. In addition, we will provide you with comprehensive information about numerous Xactanalysis alternatives.

XactAnalysis Claims Management Software

Xactimate’s Full-Cycle Claims Management solution and reporting platform are the industry’s first, largest, and only full-cycle claims management solution. Data is regularly monitored as claims travel via its network to help claims experts discover problems, report on progress, and benchmark performance.

Boost Efficiency and Reliability

According to three-year research, by rectifying errors found by XactAnalysis, a company that completes 6,000 estimates might save more than $828,000. Furthermore, by calling insureds, assessing damages, and reporting findings, California’s largest independent adjusting business exceeds its monthly benchmarks using our claims management software.

You can use XactAnalysis to track claims assignments and meet company criteria. Estimates of claims should be audited to discover and remedy inaccuracies. We use store estimates, value estimates, floor layouts, images, notes, action items, and even audio recordings to maintain complete documentation on all claims assignments. Keep an eye on adjuster performance to see where you may make improvements. Create easy-to-understand real-time statistics on company performance and compare them to industry benchmarks.

Effective tracking informs you of the following:

When you create the task when a member of staff or a service provider agrees to take on the assignment, when you obtain the required work, if anyone involved fails to satisfy your company’s requirements, we will notify you. Suppose corporate policy dictates that all policyholders be contacted within 48 hours of receiving a claim notice. In that case, the XactAnalysis network will alert you if an assigned employee or contractor fails to fulfill the deadline. A homeowner out of town for a few days can also explain why a delay occurred, for example.


  • The network contains the following data:
  • Valuations
  • estimates for repairs
  • Plans of the rooms
  • Photos \sNotes
  • Files with audio

All of this information comes in handy when there are questions or disagreements or when you’re auditing a file.


  • XactAnalysis offers a wide range of analytical reports for estimators and managers at all levels.
  • You can use graphical reporting tools to See real-time averages.
  • Keep track of your pending assignments.
  • Compare and contrast
  • Custom report choices allow you to adapt the reports to your requirements.

Tools for auditing

The inspection algorithms in XactAnalysis discover possible estimation errors, allowing your quality-assurance team to focus on the areas where they’re most needed. XactAnalysis is an optional module that operates as a third-party auditing team to strengthen your auditing and reviewing processes. XactAnalysis QR (Quality Review) is a high-end auditing program that allows reinspection teams to work without disrupting the usual claims and inspection process.

Dependability and Security

The XactAnalysis network uses the same level of internet security as large banks to protect your data. Your data is always safe, thanks to a robust backup system. The XactAnalysis network has maintained 99.9% availability, including regular maintenance, since its establishment in 1995. The XactAnalysis network is available around the clock, 365 days a year. The network would immediately switch to a separate, more secure site in the unlikely case of a disaster impacting the primary data center. Xactware also invests extensively in capacity, ensuring that the system is always prepared to manage abrupt increases in volume following a disaster. After a record-breaking storm season in 2005, Xactware clients saw their investment pay off. Even though traffic nearly doubled for several months, there was no downtime, slowdowns, or other impaired functionality on the XactAnalysis network.

How do I use Xactanalysis to log in?

Xactanalysis Login Procedure:

1. Go to, which is the official Xactanalysis website.

2. Go to the official Xactanalysis login page after that.

3. To log in, enter your user ID or email address.

4. Now, enter the password you created when you created your Xactanalysis account.

Have you forgotten your password? 

Login Password Change

A password is primarily a security code associated with our account; yet, we frequently forget our password.

If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the steps below to reset it.

1. Go to to reset your password.

2. To find your Xactanalysis account, enter your email, name, or username, then click Search.

3. To send a password reset link to your email inbox, click. It is me next to your account.

4. Look for a password reset email at the email address associated with your account.

Click Reset Password and enter your new password from the email, then click Change Password.

Create a new Xactanalysis account: Registering for a new version on Xactanalysis is simple; please follow the steps outlined below.

To begin using Xactanalysis, you must first establish an account.

1. Go to and complete the needed fields.

2. You should type your email address and password in the boxes provided.

3. Select Create Account from the drop-down menu.

Have issues with the sign-in page?

  • Verify that your username, email address, and password are all spelled correctly.
  • Please use the “Forgot Password” option to reset your Xactanalysis login details if you have forgotten your password or account.
  • If nothing else works, contact customer support and ask for assistance.

Mobile web XactAnalysis SP

You may access, manage, and update assignments from any mobile device.

With XactAnalysis SP mobile, you can improve reaction times and expand field connectivity.

Using your smartphone or tablet browser to access XactAnalysis SP will lead your device to the XactAnalysis SP mobile web, a version of the XactAnalysis SP website optimized for use on mobile devices.

Users of XactAnalysis SP mobile can:

Search for and access in-progress assignments, as well as create new jobs. View assignment specifics, such as the location of the loss, pictures, sketches, and approval status. With just one swipe, you can get policyholders’ contact information (phone, email, etc.) and then contact them by the mode of your choice. 

Assignments are updated when actions are completed, such as getting customers, checking loss sites, or starting a job search. Projects are organized by policyholder name or claim number. Discover the location of the assignment and get directions to the loss. Take pictures, write descriptions, and attach photos to tasks. 

XactAnalysis SP may be seen in various languages and currencies, including American English, British English, French Canadian, and Dutch. You can go to the whole XactAnalysis SP site if you want. By logging into XactAnalysis on your mobile device, you may now access XactAnalysis SP mobile web.

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