What is the OP full form in various senses?

If you watch gaming streams or look at memes, you probably have heard of the word ‘OP.’ Most game streamers like Mortal, CarryMinati, Tanmay Bhat use the word ‘OP’ in their videos. What is the OP full form, or what’s OP meaning? Why do streamers say OP in the chat? Does this word have any more full forms?

Let’s know about the OP full form and some more facts about it!

OP full form & OP Meaning in Gaming Sense!

OP means Overpowered in the gaming or streaming sense. When someone plays a game very well, the OP word is used to praise his well-played character. The word gained popularity during PUBG gaming streams by YouTubers on youtube. 

Now YouTubers or memers use this word in a normal sense also to praise someone or something.  

OP, meaning in chat, also means the same – OverPowered. YouTubers also say to write OP in chat to their fans. Now, followers on Instagram and subscribers on Youtube use OP word to praise the content creator. 

OP meaning in Hindi also means the same OverPowered/ ओवर्पाउअर्ड. This word is known to be used by almost all social media lovers. 

How can the OP word be used? 

The word OP is usually used for gamers or their powerful guns/equipment. When a gamer plays a game very well, then their fans or teammates applaud them by saying OP/Overpowered. 

It can also be used for powerful weapons of gamers. Like, AWM or Groza is considered very dangerous in PUBG, so when a gamer gets it and uses it. Others applaud the gamer’s gun as OP gun/ OP AWM etc. 

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Full-Form of OP in other senses!

The word OP has other full forms also, which are as follows- 

Full Form Area of Use
Optimistic ProtocolsNetworking
Optimum PriceAccounts & Finance
On ProgramHospital
Operating PlanMilitary
Original PostTexting
Oxygen PurgeSpace Science
Out of PlaceTexting
Open PlugHardware
Overall PositionMilitary
Orange PekoeFood
Operator PanelComputing
Other PeopleInternet Slang
Out of PrintMedia
Office ProductsBusiness Product
One PieceAnime Series

Other Abbreviations used in Gaming/streaming 

Now just OP, many other abbreviations are used in gaming/ game streaming. Some of them are as follows – 

GGGood Game
WPWell Played
GLGood Luck
FTWFor The Win
FPPFirst Person Perspective
TPPThird Person Perspective
FPSFrames Per Second
BRBBe Right Back

Bottom Line

This was all about the OP full form and OP meaning and all the related things with this Word. Hope you find this article helpful and informative. Leave your thoughts on this article in the comments below!

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