Google Doodle brings back Tokyo Olympics special Champion Island games to celebrate Paralympics.

Google is organizing “Champion Island,” their largest-ever Doodle game, to promote good sportsmanship and friendship for the next Tokyo Olympics

Update: To commemorate the next Paralympics, Google has brought back and revamped the Doodle Champion Island Games.

In collaboration with Studio 4°C, the newest Google Doodle is set on Champion Island, where a festival is happening and lets you play the role of Lucky the Ninja Cat as she explores the island to find her way. To get started in the game, you join a team of the four colors of the “Google” logo — Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green — and choose to compete in one of the seven sections of the game.

Each tournament is a separate minigame with you taking on champions from other sports, with characters and creatures from Japanese history and mythology serving as inspiration. In addition, the archery minigame has you go up against a formidable version of Nasu no Yoichi, a famous samurai, and archer.

In honor of the Tokyo Paralympics 2020, Google has re-instated the game Doodle Champion Island, the company’s largest-ever Doodle game. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will begin on August 24, 2021, and go through September 5, 2021. When the game was first developed and released, it was intended to commemorate the Olympic spirit. Once you click the “create a doodle” link on the search site, the game starts.

Lucky, one of the characters takes you to an island where a Tokyo Paralympics-themed sporting event is happening — a kind of visual storytelling that shows the current Tokyo Paralympics.

Seven sports minigames, famous opponents, and hundreds of exciting side missions appear in the Doodle Champion Island.

“Thank you for competing in the latest installment of the Doodle Champion Island Games! Come back for fresh (and old) adventures on Doodle Champion Island with calico (c)athlete Lucky.” Go to Google’s archive website and look at their Doodles.

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