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Pushpa Raj is a coolie who grew up in an environment where red sandalwood smuggling was a common occurrence. During the course of his journey, he does not hesitate to make a few enemies.

Movie Name:Pushpa
Release Date:17 December 2021

When it comes to Pushpa: The Rise, Sukumar is taking a risk by making a rustic masala film that is full of snappy language, characters that speak in Chittoor dialect, and a tale that is steeped in the culture of the area. And, given the high level of anticipation after Rangasthalam, what he offers turns out to be a mixed bag that takes longer to complete, sometimes falters, but always delivers on what he promises to others.

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His Achilles heel, on the other hand, is neither his lady love Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna), nor are his big-wigs Konda Reddy (Ajay Ghosh), Jolly Reddy (Dhananjay), Mangalam Srinu (Sunil), and his wife Dakshinayani (Rashmika Mandanna) who are all played by Sunil (Anasuya Bardwaj). It is the fact that her brother (Ajay) would not allow her to claim his lineage that causes Pushpa to go from zero to one hundred in a matter of minutes, and she is often the loser in the relationship with this laid-back, sarcastic, arrogant, and even hilarious guy. becomes the root of the problem His poised demeanour And then there’s IPS Bhanwar Singh Shekawat (Fahd Faasil), who threatens to destroy Pushpa’s carefully created system, just as he’s getting where he wants to go in life.

The plot of Pushpa: The Rise is reinforced by a theme that is often portrayed in film — the ascent of the oppressed. As a result, Sukumar has nothing new to discover at this location. But what’s novel is that he decides to spend time before things become tough, building the tale and establishing Pushpa’s character over the course of three hours, which is the duration of the whole film. And this decision may not sit well with everyone since, despite all of the commotion, the film is virtually the same as it was before.

Pushpa may have amassed a large number of adversaries, but none of them came close to matching her tenacity, at least not until Shekawat arrived in the city.



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Pushpa is an important character in Sukumar’s film, which works best when she stays true to the tale and concentrates on the finer details of red sandalwood smuggling, as well as Pushpa’s role in keeping things running smoothly. When the picture attempts to pull off a bizarre (and difficult) relationship, it falls short of the mark. It doesn’t always work out between him and Srivalli, and it doesn’t always contribute to the larger tale at hand.

Sure, Pushpa gets to play the role of her own knight in shining armour, but it seems like the plot is taking her in a route she would have gone in any case regardless of the circumstances. The final encounter between Pushpa and Shekawat likewise fails to have the expected result, since it is carried out too quickly, leaving the latter character feeling burdened.

In several moments, visual effects, graphic direction, editing, and sound design are also prominent. The Pushpa: The Rise crew could not conceal the fact that they were under pressure to complete the picture in time for its premiere, and it shows in the film’s flaws.

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Because of the already excessive run-time, technological issues merely serve to highlight the shortcomings even more. The majority of Pushpa: The Rise’s strengths are in the casting, director, cinematography, costumes, and soundtrack, all of which are excellent. Sure, Devi Sri Prasad’s background music might be a little heavy at times, but her music more than makes up for it by blending seamlessly into the tale.

The cinematographer, Miroslav Kuba Brosek, and the director, Sukumar, seem to have discovered the proper groove for this picture, and their work appears to be a wonderful compliment to one another. The appearance of Pushpa’s character’s attire seems to alter depending on where she goes in this universe.

The supporting cast is also given an opportunity to shine, despite the fact that they often portray characters that are little more than cardboard cutouts.

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A high testosterone content film like this one also makes Rashmika seem disinterested in her role. As for Anasuya, she has a moment with Sunil, which demonstrates that she is capable of living in this world. Samantha’s appearance in Oo Antawa Oo Oo Antawa whistles, which comes as no surprise to anybody who has seen the film.

Pushpa: The Rise is a show produced by Everything Arjun, after all is said and done. He impresses in this role as a rough-and-tumble figure who seems strong on the outside but is fragile in ways that others don’t notice. It’s understandable that Allu Arjun fans would be pleased to see him dancing in songs such as “Samai” and “Ai Biddingi Na Adda,” but his true brilliance comes when he struggles for power with Peter Hein and Ram-Lakshman in some unexpected combat sequences.

Scenes in which he choreographs or when he is continually avoiding being referred to as Coolie Oda because he thinks he is too good for her, as others stereotype him, are examples of this. With such a large-scale production, he also has the opportunity to demonstrate some of his acting skills, including the accent he has worked so hard on. He also has the opportunity to make you laugh at various points.

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In contrast to previous big-budget extravaganzas, the protagonist in Pushpa: The Rise does not come from a well-known or well-regarded family. The hero, Allu Arjun, who portrays him, does not have the duty of carrying on the history, culture, and traditions of his forefathers and grandparents. The lack of family support, in fact, motivates her to take the risk of making the movie.

The film portrays the narrative of Pushpa Raj, who has been alienated from his family. Pushpa, who was born out of wedlock, was denied respect from an early age and had her identity taken away from her.

He is no longer remembered in the hill town of Seshachalam, where his name has lost all meaning. Pushpa is emboldened by this humiliation and pledges that her name will have significance even if she does not have the backing of her father’s family.

And what better way to elevate your status than to generate fast money while simultaneously gaining actual power? It is no coincidence that Pushpa was born in the area of “red gold” – Seshachalam – which is endowed with an abundance of a unique wood that is red in colour.

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In the international markets, there is a great deal of demand for it. Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) is the leader of a vast criminal organisation that handles the unlawful cutting of trees as well as the carrying and smuggling of those trees throughout the globe by sea. Pushpa begins at the very bottom of this criminal organisation. His role is that of a crew member in the machine, whose role is extremely expandable to the top dogs until such time as he demonstrates what he’s capable of.

Pushpa’s fortunes begin to shift as he starts to swiftly gain riches and power as a result of his never-ending strategy to acquiring wealth and power. Pushpa is determined to win the race despite the fact that the other woodcutters have abandoned it after spotting the cops. He maintains his position and defeats the cops.

After being surrounded by police and threatened with shooting if they do not surrender, Pushpa commits the first infraction, which encourages the others to follow her. “Pushpa raj, thagde le (I will not agree)” is his mantra, which means “I will not agree.” His meteoric ascent has also placed him in the sights of a powerful adversary.


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Pushpa’s only goal is to move on from her past and earn the respect of the world for her achievements, rather than to minimise her existence because she is unable to publicly identify her father. However, just when he believes he has triumphed over his past and taken charge of his future, his history returns to bite him in the face. However great and powerful he gets, he will always be considered a guy who merits their fear and obedience rather than their respect, according to some.

It is not just about how the protagonist amasses money and power via brute force and fast thinking that the narrative is about. However, it is also a damning indictment of a fundamentally biassed, class- and caste-ridden society as a whole.

Pushpa The Rise is filmmaker Sukumar’s second consecutive film in which the protagonist comes from the lowest social strata. His last film, The Fall, was also about a protagonist who comes from the lowest social strata. His most recent film, Rangasthalam, which starred Ram Charan, likewise portrayed a younger guy who was attracted to elderly folks.

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In Pushpa, her story-telling approach becomes more assertive. He submits both his hero and villain to him in order to establish a point: it is not who you are down to, but what you do that defines you, not who you are down to Yes, I took a phrase from Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series for this one. In fact, it is a fitting summary of Sukumar’s film, which is a sweeping narrative of an underdog who climbs through the ranks of the underworld at breakneck speed.

Allu Arjun leaves a lasting impression on the audience with his powerful performance. He embraces his deglamorized appearance and puts on a remarkable performance as a result. Additionally, his brotherly relationship with his sidekick tickles our uncomfortable bone.

The ladies in this scenario, on the other hand, stay firmly in the grasp of gender norms. Srivalli, played by Rashmika Mandanna, begins with a promising start, but as the storey progresses, she loses her independence and contentedly sits at Pushpa’s feet.

Dakshinayani, played by Anasuya Bharadwaj, gets to re-enact the “Wake Up Henry” scene from the film Goodfellas, as she sits on top of her husband, poised to cut his throat. However, it has little significance and does not contribute to the overall dynamic.

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The origin tale eventually becomes more detailed, and Pushpa is often questioned about the origin of her given name. This is a stereotype that has been frequently used by numerous major films, particularly in the case of an errant main character. It’s only when someone makes fun of Pushpa’s appearance that she becomes vulnerable.

She walks with a peculiar stride, with a lifted right shoulder and an ever-present limp, yet she never seems to be feeble because of Sukumar’s influence. Not even when he is confronted by the reportedly vicious criminals at every stage of the smuggling syndicate’s operations.. The three smugglers are barely a danger to Pushpa’s safety. On a comparable scale, Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) looks to be a hazardous character. When it comes to the apparently valiant soldier Govindappa (the adversary), he is quickly forgotten and eventually vanishes in the blink of an eye. Pushpa’s advantage is very simple to maintain due to the absence of a strong opponent.

What is it that drives Pushpa to be so vicious and ambitious? We’ll never know the truth. According to the account, we should be content with the argument that he hasn’t received his due since boyhood, neither in terms of money nor in terms of dignity, and that he now demands everything. In the film, he demonstrates that he understands the hunter-gatherer cycle (the song ‘Dako Dakko Meka’ is a lively, uplifting tune that plays in the background) and that he wants to keep on top of it. can he do it?

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Although the character of Pushparaj is lacking in depth, Allu Arjun manages to make him a memorable figure. He carries himself with confidence and is in command of the situation. He demonstrates the tact that is required for his role and maintains control of the emotional aspects.

The forest serves as the setting for the majority of Pushpa’s scenes, and the ambiance contributes to the film’s immersive quality. Into the forest, Miroslav Kuba Brosek’s camera lures us in, bringing to life the interplay of rich green and dark grey, as well as the land and its inhabitants, in stark contrast to the sparkling waters of the lake. Music and background score by Devi Sri Prasad enhance the rural atmosphere to a greater extent than they otherwise would.

Pushpa begins as a suspenseful narrative, before wrapping up with a frivolous love song and crawling to a heartbreaking conclusion after the interval. The less said about the way women are portrayed in this film, the better off everyone is. Rashmika’s performance as Srivalli requires her to express just rustic zeal and nothing else.

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And who felt it was amusing that the hero offered a lady 5000 rupees to kiss him on the lips? Later, Srivalli informs him that she still loves him and believes that his actions were caused by the fact that he didn’t know any better at the time of the incident. Although I had thought that this scenario would put things back in their proper perspective, what he said quickly dispelled any such aspirations.

Even if the much-hyped special song with Samantha Ruth Prabhu receives the desired reaction in cinemas, one cannot help but ask whether someone of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s stature and talent was required to execute this. Is it time to do away with item numbers altogether?

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A sobbing, good mother is shown on one side of the film, while on the other, there is a smuggler’s wife (played by Anasuya Bharadwaj), who is a paan-chewing, poison-spewing, bejewelled woman. Anasuya deserved more after her ordeal with Rangamma at Rangasthalam.





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