Questions to ask a girl dirty: Collection of 100+ best

After reading through this list of filthy questions to ask a girl or woman (girlfriend, wife, crush, or friend), you won’t need to look up any more dirty questions to ask a lady or to flirt or dirty talk with her (girlfriend, girl crush, or wife).

When it comes to asking nasty female questions, especially those that have to do with making out, we are apprehensive.

Getting her on when you’re not expecting it or sending her the right nasty questions can sometimes be challenging. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of sexy questions to ask your girlfriend that will suit any mood or situation, whether you’re chatting or spending time together. So please take advantage of these 34+35 (69 hehe) naughty questions to ask your girlfriend or crush to smooth out the dialogues and bring them into a hot and heavy mood incredibly quickly!!

You’ll find the most important deep questions to ask your girlfriend as well as conversation starters in this section.

s3x questions to ask a girl (questions to ask a girl dirty)

Flirting is a fantastic way to get to know someone and their boundaries, and what better way to do so than to come up with a few flirty and nasty questions to ask them? questions to ask a girl dirty? In most cases, a lady will respond positively to dirty questions if she feels comfortable enough with you, so make sure to start with a few softer inquiries to see how she reacts. Once you have determined that she is willing to play your game, get those butterflies soaring and the temperature rising by asking her these nasty questions.

Here is a list of some questions to ask a girl dirty:

  • “Can you tell me about the best kiss you’ve ever had?”
  • “Can you tell me where you want to be touched?”
  • “Can you tell me about your personality?”
  • “Do you feel comfortable kissing in public?” 
  • “What do you think of me when we’re not together?”
  • “Have you ever attempted to envision me n*ked?” 
  • Would you mind telling me what your thoughts are on a boy initiating contact?”
  • “Do you believe that lovemaking should take place anyplace, not simply in a bed?” says the interviewer.
  • The following question: “Are there any movements that you’ve never tried but have always wanted to?”
  • “Can you think of three areas where you’d do it outside of your home?”
  • “Can you tell me about one piece of clothing you’d like to see me in?”
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  • “Can you tell me what you wear to bed?”
  • The question is, “Would you want to ride on the front or the back of my motorcycle?”
  • “Do you appreciate having your hair pulled?” says the interviewer.
  • “Can you tell me the location of your favorite lovemaking(insert your dirty term) sp0t?”
  • “Do you like it when people bite you?”
  • “Do you believe you understand what I’m talking about?
  • “Do you like scratching?” says the narrator.
  • “If you weren’t able to have me, who would be your dream guy/girl?”
  • “Do you enjoy it when you’re teased?”
  • “Can you tell me whatever portion of my body you’d like me to tattoo?”
  • “Can you tell me what your favourite part of my body is?”
  • “Can you tell mfavoritey guys/girls you’ve been with before me?”
  • “Do you think you’re a v*rg*n?”
  • “Can you tell me about the physical characteristics of men and women that you find most attractive?”
  • “Would you agree to create a bedroom bucket list for me to check off as I complete them?”

s3xual questions to ask your boyfriend

If you think your boyfriend is so boring, and you want him to talk dirty with him. Then, start filtering with him by asking some nasty or dirty questions. Here is a list of some sexual questions to ask your boyfriend or husband. 

  • “Do you believe yourself to be more s3xy or more intelligent?”
  • “Do you have any secret fantasies?” says the interviewer.
  • “Can you tell me the first characteristic of mine that you noticed?”
  • “Could you perhaps lend a hand?” says the narrator.
  • “Would you be interested in sh0wering with me?”
  • “Can you tell me about your preferred position?”
  • “Would you be willing to sneak into a fitting room with me if we were out shopping for clothes?”
  • “What is your most embarrassing make-out memory?”
  • “Do you want to do it in a public place?” says the interviewer.
  • “Can you tell me what you want?”
  • “Would it make you crazy if I murmured filthy things into your ear?” I wondered.
  • “Would you be willing to flash me?”
  • “Would you be willing to model lingerie for me if I bought it for you?”
  • “Do you like direct eye contact or indirect eye contact?”
  • “Can you tell me how many different positions you’ve tried?”
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  • “Can you tell me one certain strategy to flip you 0N?”
  • “Would you want to have the lights on or off?”
  • “Are you a fan of sleazy conversation?”
  • “Are you a fan of s*xing?”
  • “What am I wearing?” 
  • “Do you like to watch porn?”
  • “Can you tell me how long it will take you to get here?”
  • “Can you think of a position you’d want to try?”
  • “Do you enjoy r0ugh?” “Do you enjoy playing r0ugh?”
  • “Do you like to be noisy or quiet during ?”
  • “Do you have any nightmares about me?”
  • “Can you tell me which color underwear you like the most on me?
  • “What portion of your body do you want me to touch the most?”
  • “Can you tell us about your favorite position for us?”
  • “If you could see anything on my b0dy right now, what would it be?” “If you could see anything on my b0dy right now, what would it be?”

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

To turn a girl on, you need to ask her some dirty questions. Here are some of the best creepy questions to ask a girl to get her attention. In addition, you will receive a list of 27 scorching questions to ask a female that will instantly make her relax.

  • “Can you tell me what you wear to bed when you’re in the M00D?”
  • “Have you ever emailed someone a nasty picture?” says the interviewer.
  • ‘d you ever considered sending me a naughty picture?
  • “Have you ever had ONS?” “Have you ever had ONS?”
  • When I ask whether there is anything you’re too frightened to tell me in person, the response is always affirmative.
  • “Can you tell me about the craziest thing you’ve ever dreamed of doing with a guy?”
  • “Would you like to come over later?”
  • “Do you have any thoughts about me?”
  • “Would you ever sl33p with your ex’s best friend?” says the interviewer.
  • I’m sure you can feel my hand running down your back. “How are you going to react?”
  • Suppose we only have 20 minutes to spend together. “What are we going to do?”
  • “What place would we choose to be together right now if we could be anywhere?”
  • Could you let me know if there is anything you need me to do that I haven’t already done?”
  • “Would you like to exchange photos?”
  • “Is it allowed to joke in the bedroom, or does it have to be serious?”
  • “What are you wearing?”
  • “Have you ever had any fun out your back door?”
  • The question is, “Have you ever kissed someone who is of the same gender?”
  • The question is, “Does having dirty talk make you naughty?”
  • “Can you tell me about the dirtiest text message you’ve ever sent or received?”
  • “Can you tell me about your preferred B-J technique?”
  • “Have you ever read er0t*c fiction?” says the interviewer.
  • “Do you want to do it with the lights on or off?”
  • “Do you like direct eye contact or indirect eye contact?”
  • “Would you be interested in dressing up for me in b3d?”

freaky questions to ask your partner

Things are getting a little hot right now. You may have been a little too intimate, that you have done some things before, that you have dated for some time, and that you are looking for a different way to bring up dirty themes. So these are the questions to ask yourself to complete it!

  • “Do you think I’m going to be lucky later?”
  • The question is, “Would you prefer to give or r3c3ive?”
  • “Can you tell me what you want me to be w3aring right now?”
  • “Can you tell me about the dirtiest thing you’ve ever thought about me?”
  • “Do you want to take part in a nasty truth or dare game?”
  • The following is what you would say or do if you were to be presented with an s3nt image of m3:
  • The first move (in b3d) is “Do you enjoy it when I make the first move?”
  • “I’m stressed when I get home from work.” “Can you tell me how to relax?”
  • “Can you tell me about your biggest turn, 0n?”
  • “Do you enjoy experimenting with different p0siti0ns, and if so, which one is your favorite?” says the interviewer.
  • Can you tell me what you think about love b*t3s? “Would you like to give me some?”
  • “Will you be rough or romantic?”
  • “Did you have a dirty dream last night?”
  • “If you could have s*x anyplace in the world, where would you go?” 
  • “Do you think you’d be able to take off my underwear without using your hands?”
  • Has anyone ever caught you having s*x?” 
  • “Do you want a quick*e or a marathon session?”
  • “Is there anything you’re not willing to do?”
  • Could you please give me a look at your Tinder profile?
  • “Have you ever performed it in a public area?”
  • “If you had to choose one celebrity with whom to have a three-way, who would it be and why?”
  • Assuming I were present in your room at the time, what would you do with m3 if I were present?
  • “Would you be interested in understanding more about my feelings for you?”
  • If you have ever been in the position of having a buddy with benefits, tell me about it.
  • “Could you tell me what you’re thinking about right now?” 
  • “Is it all right to email you a link to something s*xy that you could wear for me?”


Did you find these questions interesting? Is there a critical question that we overlooked that is exceptionally effective? Now that you have them choose the best ones or the ones with which you are most familiar and add them to your arsenal. Time to turn the heat up in your relationship and make your girlfriend work for it. 

We are not promoting any unusual sexual activities in this article, so do not use these questions to make someone uncomfortable. We advised you to use these dirty questions only when the second person is enough frank or close to you. Make sure your intentions do not sound wrong for them. 


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