Sree Vishnu’s ‘Raja Raja Chora’: Crime Comedy Movie Steal Everyone’s Heart

Raja Raja Chora

2 Hrs 29 Mins   |   Comedy   |   19-08-2021

Director – Hasith Goli

Producer – Abhishek Agarwal

Banner – People Media Factory

Music – Vivek Sagar

Debut Movie as a Director

This is Hasith Goli’s directorial debut, and he does a fantastic job, treating this as a narrative of redemption rather than a vehicle to show off heroics. Everyone in Tollywood knows that every action has repercussions, even if they hurt the actors. This is made much more intriguing because of the manner in which the story is told. It’s almost like something out of a desi comic book!

Stating Plot of Raja Raja Chora

The last time around, Sree Vishnu’s participation in Thippara Meesam was tainted by negativity. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Again, he has come up with a terrible role that involves burglary and an illicit affair. However, it turns out that Raja Raja Chora is an entirely different one from the previous one. This time around, will he be able to pull it off?

Characterization of Raja Raja Chora

This time around, will he be able to pull it off? Is this his second chance? Take a look at it.

Bhaskar (Sree Vishnu) appears to be devoid of morals. Early in the mornings, his job is at an office supply store where his favorite pastime is dozing asleep and stealing cash. Then, in the nights, he steals from the rich and stores his booty at a junkyard. Unapologetically, he lies, cheats, and steals to get what he wants. His next robbery seems to go well after being suggested by a mother-figure named Anjamma (Gangavva), whose predictions have a way of changing people’s lives. And it does transform his life, but not in the way Anjamma expected.

Heart Touching Scene of Raja Raja Chora

A motley crew of people plays an essential part in altering Bhaskar’s life in Raja Raja Chora. There’s Sanjana (Meghann), a software professional with secrets of her own, and on the other, there’s Vidya (Simran), a young mother studying law to be independent of the men in her life. Dr. Srikanth Iyengar (Srikanth Iyengar) aspires to make it big in real estate instead of treating patients. William Reddy (Ravi Babu) is a SI seeking the right pawn in his game. And then there is the priest (Tanikella Bharani) who narrates Valmiki’s story to devotees, and the Xerox shop owner (Ajay Ghosh) who has his penance to do.

Supporting Actors’ Performance in  Raja Raja Chora

Ajay Ghosh as a middle-class father, Megha Akash’s smart girl Sanjana in Raja Raja Chora, Sunaina’s ambitious homemaker, Ravi Babu as inspector William Reddy, Kadambari Kiran as his inquisitive deputy, Srikanth Iyengar as a doctor who hates treating patients, and Srikanth Iyengar as a doctor who hates treating patients — it’s all there.

Dialogue’s which make whistles in the movie hall

How Hasith’s debut film is written and told is impressive. Bhaskar is shown to grow from an intransigent guy into a man who accepts responsibility for his misdeeds without resorting to slapstick humor. Sanjana and Vidya also have character arcs that explore who they are. But, like a modern folktale, the Raja Raja Chora ends with a lesson to be learned.

Climax Review of Raja Raja Chora

Even if the number of characters in the film may appear excessive on paper, most have something to do with it towards the end of the film. It’s just Srikanth Iyengar’s role that feels out of place, contributing nothing much to the plot, even if he’s trustworthy as ever. In addition to Sree Vishnu and Megha, Simran has a natural way of bringing his characters to life. As a result of Ravi Babu’s persona, the narrative has a certain eccentricity to it.

Vivek Sagar’s music should be given a special mention, instrumental in bringing this story to life. Hasith’s storyline in Raja Raja Choramay be fascinating, but it’s too long. Bhaskar’s character is given time to breathe and develop, which may not be appreciated by everyone who is used to fast-paced movies. Despite its sluggish pace, the second half of this story does its best to keep you engrossed.

Has anyone ever heard the most creative story? I doubt it, yet it does turn out to be a great time! But, of course, it’s perfect if you enjoy lighthearted stories that don’t take themselves too seriously.


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