Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty is one of the most important topics we need to discuss, but it is also one of the most difficult to think about. Animal lovers cannot understand the psychology behind animal cruelty, but it happens every day. In many cases, abuse is not as obvious as you think. For example, if a dog owner keeps an animal at 100 degrees without water or shade, he abuses the dog, but there may be no signs of abuse and get information about how to report animal abuse.

You won’t know if your neighbour is cruel to animals unless he takes the activity outside where you can see it. This is why we must understand animal cruelty, analyze its consequences, and seize every opportunity to fight it. If no one talks about or stops the abuse, it will continue to happen.

What is Animal Abuse?

Animal cruelty is how an individual treats any animal that causes physical or psychological harm to that animal. It is a fairly broad definition, but we will discuss some of the more common manifestations in a minute. You must need to know that animals are sentient beings. They experience fear, pain, and other negative emotions, just as their pets experience happiness, love, and satisfaction.

There are two basic types of cruelty to animals: 

  • Commercial animal abuse: This kind of animal abuse is done to promote the profit of the organization. 
  • Personal Abuse: It occurs between humans and animals. 

Although large-scale animal cruelty seems to be the most critical problem to be solved, there is no “minor” cruelty. Anyone who abuses an animal should be brought to justice, which is why most governments in the world have enacted laws prohibiting animal abuse. Law enforcement agencies investigate reports of animal cruelty and take appropriate action.

You may hear about the third less obvious type of animal cruelty: ignorance. If a person does not know how to care for an animal and causes harm due to ignorance, abuse will occur, but this does not mean that ignorance is reasonable. There are many available resources; If he wants to learn how to care for animals properly. It includes providing adequate nutrition, water, space for activity, exercises and socializing and you can also take some knowledge about really wild animals.

How Can We Prevent Animal Abuse?

1. Be a responsible pet owner

Understand and meet your pet’s needs. Don’t just worry about basic needs; provide a positive experience for your pets and improve their happiness.

2. Be a role model for being kind to other pets

Take care of a neglected pet. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, many pets have been abandoned in shelters. Foster families help these animals recover and prepare them to move into a new permanent loving home.

3. If you witness cruelty, abuse, or neglect of animals, please intervene

Do everything you can to prevent cruelty to animals. But please stay sensible and don’t put yourself in danger. If necessary, seek the help of other witnesses.

4. Report Animal abuse or neglect of animals

If you notice any form of animal cruelty, please report it to the police or other authorities. Take immediate action to avoid further cruel behaviour.

5. Teach your children to respect animals

Set a good example of respect for animals. Show children how to treat animals in a loving and considerate way. Help them grow into the next generation of animal advocates.

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6. It requires stricter laws to protect animals

Stricter animal welfare laws and stricter penalties will reduce cases of abuse. 

7. Shelter animals in need

You can be the helper the animals need. Cruelty animals need support and sometimes immediate support. You can play a fundamental role in freeing animals from harmful conditions. 

8. Please note that ignoring animals may be closely related to domestic violence

Those pet owners who are violent with their pets are mostly found the culprits of domestic violence too. Animal cruelty and domestic abuse are often closely related. If you report your suspicion, you may also be helping animals in need and families in trouble.

9. Educate people around you on this subject

Help people understand that they can intervene in situations where animals are neglected or even tortured then you can report animal abuse. Animals also possess the right to live their lives without fear or suffering. If their rights are not respected, we have a responsibility to intervene.

10. Provide help to those who feel overwhelmed by animals

Animals are not necessarily ignored because of a lack of love. The owner may not have enough psychological resources to provide adequate care for the animal. For whatever reason, the affected pet must be taken out of a neglected place and provided the care it needs to live and grow. Anything which you do for animals can also help humans.

11. Buy and Eat Vegan Products Free of Meat

If you eat meat, be sure to try to buy organic and free-range meat. We understand that is not always possible, but you can try. The meat industry can be ruthless, especially when it comes to the high turnover of cheap meat. Every time you eat out, it can be helpful to ask where it is from, and if a place cannot be humane, you must have stopped eating meat there. RSPCA lists a series of brands that provide cruelty-free eggs. If you consume dairy products, checking them will help save animals.

12. Stop Littering and Reduce Plastic Consumption

Plastic is harmful to the environment, especially wild animals. Reducing plastic consumption is of great help to protect animals and report animal abuse. Every time you litter, it will increase the chance of animals accidentally eating it. Avoid littering. If you see someone throwing rubbish, please remind them that their behaviour is usually harmful to animals and the environment.

There are many ways to abuse animals and report animal abuse, but it shouldn’t happen at all. Animals have rights, and failure to respect these rights can have lasting consequences. Create your own ethics statement. Decide what you value and what you believe, and then embark on this path. The more animal rights issues you are involved in, the more things you can do for our animal partners. Remember, animals have feelings and emotions. They may not express themselves as we do, but they need us to stand up for them and report animal abuse.

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Contacting SPCA of Texas

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Rescue & Investigations
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