Here are over 24 Roku Hidden channels and codes!

Roku Hidden channels: Roku is one of the most effective methods of converting your standard television into a smart television. These devices are available in a variety of types with differing features, and they allow you to add channels so that you can watch the content that you want.

However, while the Roku Channel Store provides an extensive selection of paid and free channels for your viewing enjoyment, there is an other method of gaining access to even more content. Yes, you are correct! Specifically, we’re speaking of Roku secret channels.

The greatest secret channels to install right now are detailed in this article, which includes our recommendations. Prior doing that, however, let’s take a look at how to add private channels to your Roku device first.

How to Add Hidden Roku Channels to Your System

It is possible to access the hidden channels on any Roku device, regardless of whether it is a Roku Ultra, Roku Express, or Roku Streaming Stick Plus. What you need to do is as follows:

  • You can access from your smartphone or computer.
  • Access your Roku account by logging in.
  • Add a channel using a code can be found under the Manage account section by clicking or tapping on it.
  • Select the Add Channel option after entering the channel access code you want to use.
  • There will be a popup warning displayed. To proceed, tap or click on the OK button.
  • After that, simply select “Yes, Add Channel” and you’re done!

The channel will not appear in your Roku channels list immediately after you add it. Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Roku device if you want to have access to it immediately.

Here are the Top Roku Hidden Channels for the Year 2021.

In some cases, due to regional constraints, some of the private channels listed below are not available in particular regions or countries. Use of a virtual private network (VPN) on your Roku device is required if you want to access them from anywhere. You can find instructions on how to set up a VPN for Roku on this page.

What is the best way to jailbreak my Roku 2021?

  • Are you ready to jailbreak your Roku TV? Here are some of our strategies:
  • Make use of the screen mirroring mode.
  • Cast the contents of your screen to your Roku device.
  • Playback video footage from a USB drive or via your local network is supported.
  • Take use of the “Play On Roku” option available via the Roku Mobile App.

What is the best way to get secret channels on Roku?

Unlike public channels, which are shown in the Roku channel shop, private channels, also known as Hidden Channels or Non-Certified Channels, must be installed manually. This may be accomplished by visiting the private channel sites mentioned below and clicking on the Add Channel button.

The Space Opera Channel (Channel 1)

Code of Access: (soctv)

If you enjoy science fiction television shows and independent fan films, the Space Opera Channel is a must-have. Using this hidden channel, you’ll be able to view both on-demand and live material from a wide variety of different categories. You can also view classic titles such as Flash Gordon, Space Angel, and Captain Z-Ro, amongst others.

Nowhere TV is number two (Channel 2)

Code of Access: (NMJS5)

NowhereTV is one of the oldest hidden channels on Roku, and it offers a diverse selection of material from networks such as PBC, ABC, NBC, BBC, and HBO. NowhereTV is available on both Roku and Apple TV. There’s also plenty of sports material, including the NFL, Major League Baseball, and others.

El Cartel TV is the third option (Channel 3)

Code of Access: (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV provides access to dozens of live South American television stations, with a focus on those originating in Colombia, through a single subscription. Canal Uno, Canal Capital, and TeleSUR are just a few of the more well-known channels that are available.

Podcasts on iTunes (Channel 4)

Code of Access: (ITPC)

iTunes podcasts allows you to listen to free iTunes podcasts on your computer or mobile device. This private channel does not require you to have an iTunes account to use it, and it broadcasts podcasts directly from the iTunes podcast library, so you do not need to install iTunes on your computer.

The unofficial Twitch.TV channel (Channel 5)

Code of Access: (TwitchTV)

Unofficial Twitch.TV is a gaming channel that is definitely worth your time if you are a regular gamer. Despite the fact that it is an unofficial Roku channel, you will be able to use a range of features and access all of Twitch’s content without any restrictions of any type.

EuroRoku is the sixth option (Channel 6)

Code of Access: (296XJKP)

It is possible to watch live feeds of popular European television stations through this paid hidden Roku channel. In total, EuroRoku offers up to 300 channels, which include networks from countries such as Belgi et France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

Wilderness Channel (Channel 7)

Code of Access: (FL82109)

For those who are interested in nature and wildlife-related programming, the Wilderness Channel is the place to go. Shows such as America’s Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness, and Secrets of Stealth Camping are available as on-demand programming as well as live broadcasts on the channel.

AOL on the Internet (Channel 8)

Code of Access: (aol)

Access to material from television networks such as HGTV, BBC News, Food Network, Cooking Channel, ET Online, and DIY Channel is made possible with AOL On. It used to be available in the Roku Channel Store, but it is now only available as a secret channel that can be installed manually.

Arirang TV and Radio (Channel 9)

Code of Access: (ArirangTV)

Arirang TV and radio is a South Korean television and radio station that is well-known for its programming. Documentaries, cultural features, and other content are available through this private Roku channel.

The Concept of Space and Time (Channel 10)

Code of Access: (CN6MRTG)

Are you interested in astronomy? Space Time is a secret Roku channel that streams publicly available information from space agencies throughout the world, particularly NASA, which is known for its high-resolution footage. 1

Video Games (Channel 11)

Code of Access: (T6PH2V)

Video Games is an essential addition if you enjoy watching video game walkthroughs. Complete playthroughs of classic games such as Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past are available on the site.

RokuMovies is a streaming video service. (Channel 12)

Code of Access: (zb34ac)

RokuMovies is a streaming service that offers wacky and unusual low-budget films that you should check out if you enjoy kung-fu and gigantic monster movies.

MultiLive (Channel 13)

Code of Access: (DNLMPK)

Do you want to watch European television channels on your computer? MultiLive will not let you down, as it includes dozens of channels from Berlin, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Cyprus, among others.

Weather Radar (Channel 14)

Code of Access: (radar)

Weather Radar provides you with access to virtually any weather-related information you could imagine. Because the data is derived from the National Weather Service in the United States, you can be confident that it is accurate and up to date.

DISHWorld (Channel 15)

Code of Access: (DISHWorld)

If you want to watch live international television, there is no better option than DISHWorld, which is owned by Sling. It provides over 170 channels in 15 different languages, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s preferences.

RokuCast (Channel 16)

Code of Access: (CL9D5D)

With RokuCast, you can stream HTML5 videos from your computer’s Chrome browser to your Roku device without having to download them first. However, you must first install an experimental Chrome extension before you can use the feature.

StreamNowTV is a video streaming service (Channel 17).

Code of Access: (sntvdemo)

Are you a fan of independent films? The beta edition of StreamNowTV includes movies from independent contributors in a variety of genres, including horror, action, drama, and humour. StreamNowTV is now under beta testing.

Silent Films (Channel 18)

Code of Access: (RLQXKG)

Although the era of silent cinema has passed, you can still enjoy viewing stars such as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd in their later years. All you need is the Silent Movies channel on your television!

Pro Guitar Lessons (Channel 19)

Code of Access: (ProGuitar)

In order to learn to play the guitar, one of the best paid hidden Roku channels for this purpose is Pro Guitar Lessons, which is one of the finest paid hidden Roku channels for this purpose.

TV is the twenty-first site on the list (Channel 20)

Code of Access: (5ikTV)

You can watch live TV stations from nations in the Far East, such as South Korea, Japan, and China, by using 5ik.streaming TV’s service. The UI of this private Roku channel, on the other hand, is not in English.

Happy Kids TV (channel 21)

Code of Access: (HappyKids)

Happy Kids TV offers a wide range of children’s programming, including music, activity instructions, and other resources. You’ll also have access to several popular children’s movies and television shows.

Food Matters TV (channel 22)

Code of Access: (foodmatterstv)

Food Matters TV is a private Roku channel that every foodie should have on their device. This website contains a wealth of information about diets, recipes, and healthy eating.

Frequently Asked Questions are included below.

Q1: Is it safe to use Roku private channels?

Yes, for the most part, they’re safe to use. You should, however, proceed with care when it comes to the kind of stuff you access on the internet. Private channels are not verified by Roku, and some of them give access to copyrighted material, which may result in takedowns that may damage your ability to see the channel in the future. The fact that Roku private channels are sandboxed eliminates the possibility of being hacked or infected with malware.

Q2: Are Roku Private Channels Compliant with the Law?

Absolutely. If they were unlawful to use, Roku would not have supported their usage in the first place, as it does now. It follows that using these methods will not result in any legal consequences.

Q3: What is the best way to unhide a Roku channel?

In order to delete a private Roku channel, you must follow the same steps that you would follow to delete any other channel. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  • To access the Home screen on your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Select the channel that you wish to be removed from the list.
  • To begin, press the Star button on your remote control.
  • Remove the channel by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
  • Your selected channel has been deleted from the list.

Q4: What is the Roku Secret Menu and how does it work?

Many people are unaware that their Roku streaming devices include a hidden menu. It might be really handy if you are experiencing any difficulties with your Roku. Overall, the hidden menu on Roku has many separate panels, each with a specific function.

You may use these panels to do tasks such as finding out more about your Roku’s network, factory resetting your device, and making changes to some of its settings. You’ll need to use your remote control to input multiple Roku remote codes in order to do this.

Let’s Get Started with the Watching!

Is there any additional secret Roku channels that we should include in this list that you know of? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.

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