Samsung TV keeps restarting: how to fix these boot loops?

You can watch various movies, serials, listen to music, and watch football matches with Samsung TV. However, sometimes this experience is spoiled by some terrible issues. This facecan happen anytime; your Samsung TV can continuously restart while watching a movie or listening song. Even it can occur when you are playing video games on Samsung TV. in this way, it will spoil your enjoyment of the favorite show you watch. 

Now, the question is, what is the reason behind the continuous restarting of Samsung tv, and how can it be fixed? We are here to answer your queries. Read this article up to the length to know how you can solve your Samsung TV’s continuous restarting.

If your Samsung TV keeps restarting, it might be because of a loose power cable, or it might be outdated. In this case, you can fix your problem by Samsung tv turning on and off. If you know, you can also check cables by yourself to resolve the issue of the Samsung tv turning on and off. But, it is still not working, then your Samsung tv keeps restarting because of other serious problems. 

Read the further article to know the primary cause behind Samsung tv turning on and off. Moreover, in this article, we have also mentioned the ways to solve this problem occurring in your Samsung tv. 

Why is my Samsung tv turning on and off

If you have a problem with your Samsung tv, the common problem people face with their Samsung tv is that Samsung tv turns on and off. In other words, the Samsung tv keeps restarting is a significant problem faced by multiple people. That is why you are wondering the cause or reasons behind this problem. So, in this section, we have mentioned the significant causes behind Samsung tv keeps restarting. 

  • Capacitors are bulging
  • Motherboard is defective
  • The software update is taking place in the device
  • The device does not get a proper internet connection while updating software. 
  • Samsung tv keeps restarting because of the shortage of power supply boards. 
  • This problem is also related to software or hardware. 

Read the causes behind Samsung tv keeps restarting in detail:

Capacitors are bulging

You are not able to fix this problem if you do not know tv electronics. You need to check and replace essential parts of your Samsung tv. The tv should be taken for service to prevent other elements from damaging. 

Motherboard is defective 

If you found a problem in the motherboard that is damaged or defective, then the thing you can do is replace your motherboard with another or new one. You h=need a new motherboard to return with a damaged one. 

The software update is taking place on the device.

The outdated software update is another reason which contributes in Samsung tv keeps restarting. This is because the tv needs to update software, and the Samsung tv turning on and off might be because of a slow internet connection. Hence, the Samsung tv turns on and off until it finishes the software update. 

shortage of power supply boards

The shortage of power board or wrong wiring is also responsible for the Samsung tv turning on and off. So you have to check that Samsung tv is getting sufficient power supply from the respective outlet. 

The flat cable is damaged. 

The Samsung tv is turning on and off because the flat cabler connected to the motherboard or LED control is damaged, probably because of burning. 

Chip got overheated 

 The computer’s CPUsignificant may have been overheated for several years additions; the dust accumulated in the Samsung tv setting caused the system to work slow. The only solution for this is to clean the Samsung tv regularly with a dry cloth or blow-drier. Could you not use any wet cloth to clean it? 

How to solve the problem of Samsung tv keeps restarting.

If you are facing this problem of the Samsung tv keeps restarting, or your Samsung tv turning on and off continuously, then do not worry. We are here with some possible troubleshoot to fix this problem. Apply each solution till you find the most suitable one to fix your Samsung tv. 

Update the software of your device

Samsung tv keeps updating its software to add some new applications and features. Moreover, it updates its software to remove bugs from its system. Therefore, you will never face the problem of the Samsung tv turning on and off if you keep your software updated on your Samsung tv. 

You can update your software automatically in the following method/way: 

  1. Open the settings
  2. Click on “supports.” 
  3. Now, tap on software update
  4. Select the auto-update 
  5. Turn on the option. 

You can update the software with the help of the internet too. 

  1. Open the settings
  2. Click on “supports.” 
  3. Now, press on software update 
  4. Then, click on update now. 
  5. Then, the new updates start installing on your device. 

Check your power cables. 

If your Samsung tv keeps restarting, it can be because of less connectivity with the power supply. Check your power supply. Be careful while checking it; the wires can give you a short circuit. 

The signs of electrical or power problem on the outlet are: 

  1. The electrical outlet has a burn mark on the face. 
  2. Plastic is melting on the power plug of the cable of the outlet. 
  3. It may be an electrical issue if the power cord is hot to touch. 

If you realize that, there is a problem with your electrical outlet. Call the electrician to fix the problem. The issue can be related to the plug; it can be an open power chord, which cannot improve properly. 

Factory reset tv 

You can use the factory tv reset to remove all the boot loops from your Samsung tv. In addition, it will clear all the unnecessary files and data. Read the following guidelines to know how to factory reset tv. 

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Click on general 
  3. Click on reset
  4. Fill the pin or default one as a 0000. 
  5. Click on reset
  6. To complete the reset, click on the ok
  7. open settings > support > Self Diagnosis > reset (depending on the model). 
  8. Your Samsung tv will work properly.  

See the capacitors

There may be defective capacitors because of the power supply in tv. That is why your Samsung tv keeps restarting. 

Signs to check defective capacitors:

  1. When you turn on the Samsung tv, the power supply will click. 
  2. This is because the top part of the capacitors is bulging rather than being flat. 

If you realize any of these signs then, you should replace the capacitors. You have to replace it with high voltage capacitors. Moreover, change the power supply board with a new one. Do not try to do this by yourself; call an expert to do this task. 

Change the defective motherboard. 

In case many microphones on the motherboard are not working causes the Samsung tv turns on and off repeatedly. To solve this issue created by a defective motherboard, you can replace the motherboard with a new one or repair the faulty motherboard. 

 You can repair the microphones. It is an easy and nonexpensive process. However, you will need a skilled person to do this. For the long term, you are recommended to change the motherboard with a new one. 

If you have a warranty, you can contact Samsung customer support to replace the motherboard. 

Internet connection 

If you want to update the device’s software, you need a good and stable internet connection. If your device is not getting a good connection to the internet, it will have frequent restarts. To solve this issue, read the following instructions. 

  1. First, Unplug the cable and restart your device. 
  2. If your device does not have a good internet connection, switch it to a stable wifi connection. 
  3. If you disconnect the wifi and connect the tv back to eternal, it will cause frequent restart again. So, please give it a stable internet connection to prevent the Samsung tv turning on and off repeatedly. 

You can also do the following method:

  1. Select the home button on your remote
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on network or general
  4. Open the “open network setting.”
  5. Select one from a wireless or wired connection. 

smart hub resetting 

Many people face the problem of the Samsung tv turning on and off frequently after updating the intelligent hub of the Samsung tv. If you are one of them, reset your smart hub by following the given method. 

  1. Open the smart hub
  2. Click on “smart hub reset.”
  3. Click on “reset the smart hub.”
  4. Fill your pin or default one as 0000. 
  5. After you are done with this, you do not face the problem of constantly turning on and off your Samsung tv. 


There are several reasons behind Samsung tv keeps restarting or Samsung tv turning on and off. The most common cause can be defective capacitors or a broken motherboard; because of this problem, your smart tv will turn on and off after every 5-6 seconds. However, some cases are different. First, they face the problem of Samsung tv turning on and off because of outdated software updates in the smart hub. So, one has to reset the smart hub settings. Moreover, loose cables, power supply, and unstable internet connection are responsible for the issue of the Samsung tv turning on and off, or the Samsung tv keeps restarting.

We have mentioned all the solutions for every problem. You can apply those methods to fix your situation, which causes your smart tv to turn off and on repeatedly. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is there any reset button on a Samsung TV?

You can reset the tv with the entering button or hold the exit button for a few seconds until it stops operating. 

Q2. How do you do a hard reset on a Samsung TV?

You can do a hard reset on a Samsung tv by factory reset tv. Please read it in detail from the above article. 

Q3. How do I do a soft reset on my Samsung TV?

You can do a soft reset on the Samsung tv by holding the power button for a few seconds until the tv turns off again. 

Q4. What does it mean to reboot your TV?

Reboot means you can restart your tv when it is needed. Reboot is the same as unplugging and plugging your device.



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