Know About The Best Postures Of Sleeping

Sleep is like an essential nutrient our body needs every day. Every individual should sleep at least 7-8 hours every day. Our bodies refresh and start functioning better when we wake up after getting sufficient sleep. Your sleeping position matters a lot to get quality sleep, which means it may be time to change it. Different sleep posture have various benefits. If you face some health issues, you may need to change your sleeping position to help control them.

And, while this may not be something you can accomplish overnight, it is worth a try. Taking time to train yourself to fall asleep in a new position gradually may be the secret to improving sleep quality.

However, if you are not getting the desired results, don’t worry. You can also try to modify your favorite sleeping position to make sure you get the most out of it. Everyone is different. The important thing is that you are doing things that are useful to your body and sleeping needs.

8 Different Sleep Posture Good For Health

1. Fetal Position

About 41% of people sleep in a specific lateral position by bending their knees to bend their sides. Side sleepers with legs bent and curled to the torso sleep in the fetal position. Some studies have shown that more women sleep in this position than men, although other studies deny this. This is an excellent choice for pregnant women because it improves blood circulation for both the mother and the foetus. If sleeping in this position affects your hips, place a pillow between your knees to ease stress.

It’ll help if you remember that doctors don’t recommend fatal sleep posture. However, when the body is lying on one side, the extreme curvature of the spine can cause pain and discomfort in the neck and back of the person.

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2. Sleeping On Your Side

It turns out that sleeping next to you is very beneficial for you, especially if you sleep posture on the left side. It can not only help reduce snoring but also be very helpful for digestion and even reduce heartburn. More than 40 % of people sleep in this position.

An earlier study surveyed ten people in two days. On the first day, the participants sat on the right after eating high-fat foods. In the second one, they switch to the left. Although this is a small study, researchers have found that sleeping on the right side increases heartburn and acid reflux, which may be a good reason to switch sides at night.

Not only does it cause stiffness in the shoulders, but it also strains the jaws on that side. In addition, research shows that sleeping on your side may cause wrinkles. Placing a pillow between the calves will help to align the hips better and avoid back pain.

3. Freefall Position

Approximately 7% of people sleep with their heads sideways on their stomachs. People who sleep posture in this way have their arms wrapped around or under the pillow. This sleeping position is called the freefall position. This is also known as stomach sleeping.

This position can make the situation worst in case of back and neck pain. To control this situation, You can try using a soft pillow or none at all when sleeping, so your neck won’t be at an awkward angle.

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4. Soldier Position

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The sleeper rests on his back with his arms down and close to his body in this position. About 8% of people sleep posture like this. It is like the savasana pose in yoga and can help spread pressure evenly across the length of the spine, neck, and arms. Snoring is a bad habit that might keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Consult your doctor if snoring is preventing you from getting adequate sleep.

5. Starfish Position

There are 5 % of people who sleep in starfish positions. For example, if you sleep posture on your back and your arms are over your head, it is called starfish. The first clear benefit of such a position is that your spine gets the support it needs throughout the night.

6. Log Position

A person sleeps on his side in this position, maintaining his legs straight and arms in a normal position. Approximately 15% of people sleep posture in this position. This is the second most popular position for sleeping. Log sleepers are generally calm and social. They tend to trust strangers and may even become easily deceived. This posture can keep your spine straight, which is very helpful for patients with low back pain. In addition, various researches have proved that sleeping in a log position helps in improving digestion.

7. The Yearner’s Position

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People who sleep posture in a longing position have their arms extended to the front of the body and sleep on their sides. The posture may be appropriate if you have difficulty breathing while sleeping, but it is inappropriate if you have arthritis. About 13% of the population sleeps in this position.

8. The Spooning Position

This position for couples to sleep posture on their sides; in this position, a person lying on the backside holds the person sleeping next to him. This posture, like others, has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that couples are more likely to wake up in this manner since their partner is more willing to push them.

Hugs, which stimulate the release of oxytocin, are also possible in the spooning position. This hormone improves bonding, relieves stress, and aids in falling asleep more quickly. The release of oxytocin can be triggered by simply holding him for ten minutes.

If you face issues while getting proper sleep posture, you must try sleeping in a new position. Your body will take a little time to get into the habit of sleeping in a new way, but it will help you sleep better after some time. 

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