15 Signs That Show You Are An Introvert!

Introvert – the word most of us use for people who like to be alone and have no friends. But do you know, the definition we have about social introverts in our minds is untrue?

A Social introvert is a person who likes to focus on their own thoughts, work, and ideas, without getting affected by what’s happening externally. Introverts like to spend time with one or two people, rather than large crowds. Introverts are reserved people.

The year 2020 was the year of introverts. Finally, they got what they are comfortable in. Even during lockdowns, many of us turned from being extroverts to introverts. The word quarantine described how introverts like to live their life: no social media gatherings, no crowds, no pressure from parents to go out with friends.

Many of us don’t even know entirely that either we are introverts or extroverts! So here is the list of signs that show either you are a Social introvert or not!

Signs That Show You Are a Social Introvert!

1. You can disguise yourself as an extrovert!

Introverts are very good at playing as an extrovert. They can act as extroverts even though they feel exhausted in gatherings. Also, after playing as an extrovert, you feel distressful for the human interaction you’ve done.

2. You got drained by social interaction!

Even though you can act as an extrovert but that act can be very draining. As a social introvert, it becomes challenging to socialize for a more extended period than usual.

3. You enjoy being alone!

This is the point that everyone knows about introverts. They like to be alone for several hours. Introverts love being alone for several hours, days, or even weeks. Then, just like normal humans, they like to talk to other people at one point in time. But still, they control it.

4. You don’t like to pick up phone calls!

Another weird aspect of introverts is that they don’t like to answer phone calls. Instead, they prefer to respond through text. Even, they contact other persons through texts,
Like, extroverts, introverts don’t like to talk on the phone for several hours. In extreme conditions, many introverts feel chills, anxiety when they have to answer a phone call or make one.

5. You’re a selectively social person instead of completely antisocial!

Many people perceive introverts as they don’t have friends or do not like to be with people. But, yes, they have friends and also enjoy their time with their friends. Introverts avoid parties, but they like to talk to friends and have meaningful conversations.

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6. Introverts think before they speak!

The good quality of being a social introvert is that most introverts think before they speak. Introverts always think in their thought process, calculate all the pros cons before talking about anything or telling a story. As an average person, you can believe what an introvert is saying.

7. Introverts get angry slowly!

It is believed that introverts get angry slowly as compare to extroverts. This is because their anger comes slow, but it can be very powerful. Also, slow anger always remains for a long time.

8. Introverts feel less enthusiastic than others!

Introverts feel less enthusiastic or excited about anything as compares to extroverts. So the more introverted a person is, the lesser he will be enthusiastic. In the same way, the more extroverted a person is, the more enthusiastic or excited he will feel about anything. Introverts actually feel happiness or other emotions about anything but not as fast as extroverts.

9. Introverts are hard to get to know!

People perceive introverts as stand-off persons. People also know about you being less talkative. Due to this, people don’t come near you or try to know you. As a result, fewer people know you, fewer friends you will have.

Also, people think that you are mean when you are just an introverted person. Introverts also like to keep their opinion to themselves unless someone asks them to express their opinion, and sometimes introverts express an opinion after asking several times.

10. Introverts think a lot before making any decision!

Introverts are not impulsive. They think a lot and focus on different perspectives before jumping to any conclusion. On one side it is good, as they can think about the pros and cons of different things. Also, they can make a better decision with that long thought process. On the other side, it isn’t good for introverts to think a lot, making their decision-making slower.

11. Introverts can become sceptical and even pessimistic!

As a social introvert, the person thinks more than an average person or extrovert. They think more extensively than any other person. This extra thinking can make introverts sceptical. This makes them very difficult to convince. The over-analyzing of everything can make introverts pessimistic.

12. Introverts like to work alone and don’t rely on others!

Introverts like to work alone and most of the time chose those fields where they can work alone. Also, they don’t want to rely on others for any work or activity. Introverts chose fields like voice-over artist, programmer, video editor, scriptwriter, etc.

13. People try to change you!

If you a social introvert, people would have tried to change you and socialize you. Even people told extroverts to come out of their shells and associate themselves. People think that only after being an extrovert, a person can become happy. That’s why they try to change.

14. Peer Pressure doesn’t affect Introverts!

Introverts do not feel peer pressure from people or anything. They do whatever they are comfortable in. For example, if they like to stay home, they will remain at home even after being pressured by different people.

15. Introverts learn a lot by observing!

Introverts are reserve people and talk very little, but it doesn’t mean they do not observe things. On the contrary, introverts observe and learn after deliberating over different things. This makes them learn different things without even experiencing them. And this is a good thing!

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So as you have known about what qualities or signs a social introvert person has, you check yourself or people near you. As if they are introverts or not! Also, it is nothing wrong with being a social introvert. It is just a type of personality. And we all should make an effort and change our thinking towards an introverted person. On the contrary, we should under normalize being introverted!

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