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Are you finding for official website? Can’t you find the latest movies & TV shows on famous torrent websites? Let’s first clear you that using comes under watching torrent websites. And this is illegal in many countries. So if your country has any rules against torrents, then stay on the official OTT platform for watching different Movies Online & TV shows. Nowadays, every new movie has a partnership with any specific Entertainment Partner. And the movie is online in one or two months maximum. Overview

Streaming Movies Online & TV shows in super HD quality without the need for registration or a subscription. A few years ago, was taken down. And as governments throughout the world crack down on torrenting, it’s becoming more difficult to identify legitimate torrenting sites. As mirrors of are constantly being added, it’s easy to assume torrents aren’t available.

Both and can be used as a torrent site to download and view pirated content. Starting with “what is solarmovie?” we’ll go into further depth. To the vast majority of questions concerning solarmovies. We are going to tell you about free movies site, as well as how to be secure when downloading torrents and the risks you may face if you decide to download the very first torrent you come across.

Is official free movies site?

With you can get the most recent and popular movies available on the internet on one site. There are many films to choose from on SolarMovie,sc, unlike many other streaming services. Links to some of the most popular TV shows of all time may also be found on their website. SolarMovie is one of the most popular streaming services for those who don’t want to pay a membership price to view the newest movies. and uwatchfree, two of the most popular streaming services for Netflix and amazon prime subscribers, are now so popular. Everything you need to watch, from web series to TV shows to movies, can be found on these streaming services.

On the other hand, these sites lack premium games, and here torrentday comes in. torrentday is an invite-only event where you may get free access to premium content.

Do you want to know what these streaming websites have done to the world’s population? You’ll be amazed by the figures from Season 1 through Season 8 of “Game of Thrones Piracy,” you’ll be surprised by the figures.

Is safe and unblocked?

But, or any other third-party website which shows different movies and tv shows without permission of movie authority comes under piracy, and piracy is illegal and unsafe. The same is the reason why is blocked in different countries. But as with other torrent websites, every time got blocked in countries, it comes with a mirror website and a new URL. These urls are usually slightly changed than before like or 

For an average person, it becomes challenging to watch safely. Firstly ban in-country, second, using VPN could slow the downloading and buffering speed. If you are searching for old movies or shows that are paid for free, we have a simple trick for you. Steps to access is given below:

  1. These steps will only work for old content. The new content on the website couldn’t be accessed with this. 
  2. What you have to do is search “Wayback machine” on google.
  3. Click on the first link.
  4. Enter your favorite torrent website’s URL like in the search menu.
  5. Click on browse history. 
  6. Now you will be shown the dates when Waybackthe archive had captured
  7. Now, click on the day on which the bar is more than half above the given year.

Your favorite torrent website will be on screen. Enjoy the old


Solar movies: Top Sites to Watch FREE Movie

Solarmovie Web Platform Features

Free movies and TV series from includes thousands of Hollywood. The sections of the listed below, however, may be of interest to you.

  • All Movies – If you just want to play movies, not TV Shows, you can simply visit all movies sections. Here you can find your favorite Hollywood movies, which are recently released. 
  • TV-Series – For fans interested in watching content from different tv shows, you can visit the TV series section. With you can watch your favorite TV Show episode-wise without having any trouble, like downloading the whole series at once or any other kind of problem.
  • Movie Genre – For those friends who want to explore their favorite Movie Genre. has a drop-down menu with a great variety of genres. including Action, Musical, Mythological, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Fantasy, etc. TV Shows. You can watch any movie series from here or the same kind of stories from

Are you a fan of the latest Netflix series like dark and squid games? Then go and watch You wouldn’t be disappointed by this at all.

  • TV Genre – If you think of watching and exploring new shows from your favorite genre, then here is an option for you all to watch and download TV shows from a specific TV Genre. 
  • Country – After squid game Korean Web series have a huge demand all over the world. If you want to watch the latest Korean shows, English dubbed, then stay tuned with With you can sort your movies and TV shows according to country. Here you can see almost every famous movie and TV show from Asia, Korea, Japan, India, International, United Kingdom, Thailand, Hongkong, France. 
  • Top IMDB Movie – Another option at is to arrange movies by their IMDB rating. The website will list all movies based on their IMDB ratings, and you may view the top-rated movies.
  • Top IMDB TV – This option is similar to the Top IMDB Movie option. Instead of movies, it will recommend top-rated television shows to you. The rating is based on IMDB.

New Website Unblocked and loaded with latest content

As we all know is not working right now or blocked by country servers. We want to have New Solarmivie websites unblocked and loaded with the latest content. When was new and unblock, this was the only official website for solarmovie. But once the website got blocked and down, the developer of the website diverted this on different URLs, including


As a result, you can quickly browse any of these sites and begin to watch FREE Movies Online & TV Series Shows

However, the movies’ quality and the fact that you don’t have to register to use the site makes stand out from the rest of the online movie-watching competition.

Disclaimer does not promote or support piracy in any way. The Copyright Act of India, 1957, classifies piracy as a severe violation. As a result of this material, we want to raise awareness about the dangers of online piracy and urge people to only view movies in theatres or on authorized OTT services.










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