Step By Step Austin ISD Portal Login 2022

The Austin ISD Portal provides their community with access to applications, services, and information that is tailored to their needs. Let us now turn our attention to the Austin ISD Portal. Make sure you don’t miss out on any information.

What is the AustinISDPortal?

As previously said, the Austin ISD Portal provides its community with access to apps, services, and information that is tailored to their individual need. The Austin ISD Portal allows users to access all of their apps with a single sign-on. As a result, once you have logged into the Austin ISD Portal, you will not be required to check in again. The doors to all apps that are associated with your position have now been unlocked.

The Austin ISD Portal may be accessed from both inside the district and from outside the district boundaries. The display will be able to recognise the device on which it is being seen and adjust itself accordingly. You will be able to check in fast by using your tablet or smartphone. The Austin ISD Portal may be accessed by staff, students, and their families by visiting the following URL:

Please note that the use of the AISD computer network, computer equipment, and resources are not private and may be monitored for appropriate use. For further information, please refer to the AISD Acceptable Use Policy in the Need Help section of this page. Your access to this AISD site and service constitutes your acceptance of all provisions of the AISD Acceptable Use Policy.

Student Information System (SIS)

Students in the Austin ISD submit their Portal entries using their personal login and password at When the students are in the building, they have access to a variety of software programmes.

You will have access to the AISD Student Portal while you are a student. It goes without saying that there is also a Portal for AISD personnel and students. All students and staff may access their Portal by entering into their browser. Please inquire with your instructor for your account and password information. At both school and at home, you may submit your Portal submission.

Once within the Portal, you have access to a variety of programmes that you may find useful for your homework or for communicating with your instructor, including:

  • Google’s email and applications are free.
  • Tutorials and guidelines that aren’t mandatory
  • Beyond the scope of given job, educational applications are available.

Obtain access to your grades and the ability to establish grade alerts

We recommend that you look around the Student Portal on your own time. There are a variety of tools available on the Portal that may help you get the most out of your classroom experience.

Accessibility for Members of the Family

The portal allows families of AISD children to have access to their student’s grades, bus schedule, school and staff contact information, and other important information.

Parent Portal will be available in Austin ISD, and it will allow parents to view all of their child’s educational information in one convenient location. You may access the Parent Portal by visiting For more information, go here. If you do not already have a Parent Portal Account, you must create one by completing an online registration form. The Parent Portal acts as the central hub for all of the services offered to parents online, and it is accessible 24/7. On this website, parents may get immediate access to information about their child’s classroom, district-wide information, registration to your child’s campus, and connections to other frequently used services.

Parental apps that are most often used are the ones listed below:

It is the responsibility of the parent to serve themselves.

The attendance and grade records of their children may be accessed using this application by the parents. Parents may access their child’s schedule, grades, and attendance information via the Parent Self-Serve site. Additionally, parents will be able to contact the instructors and establish notification preferences if they choose to receive emails when their kid has been declared absent or has an assignment that has not been completed.

Student Registration is now open.

Parents will be able to register a new student for the 2021-2022 school year beginning on January 4, 2021, either via Parent Self-Serve or by going to the AISD Student Registration system when they are signed into the Portal.

Families enrolling pupils who are returning to Austin ISD must first create a Parent Portal account before being allowed to utilise the online registration system. For more information on how to create a Parent Portal account, please visit Please keep in mind that only parent or guardian contacts will be able to use the online registration system. Please contact your student’s school or the Family Support Line if you have any problems or need help with the Parent Portal or online registration. In August, all returning students who have recently relocated to the campus will be required to provide evidence of residence to the campus administration. It is important to remember that if the required evidence is not connected electronically during the online registration process, the university may request additional documentation to complete the enrollment process.

For families who are enrolling a new student in AISD, you must first create a Parent Portal account before you can use the online registration system. To register for a Parent Portal account, go to and fill out the required information.

Messages I’ve Received

School Messenger is the district’s primary means of communication. In the Portal, parents have the ability to customise the communication methods used by the district. School Messenger is the main mass notification technology used by Austin ISD for a wide range of communication needs, including school closings. It has the ability to transmit phone calls, text messages, and emails. When accessible in their Student Information System, they currently give the system with the Mobile Phone number, Home Phone number, and Email address of the first two major contacts for each student. Keep in mind that by default, School Messenger will only use the email address and home phone number of the first major contact that has been set for use.

The capacity to customise how School Messenger interacts with you is owned by the parents, and this is done via the Parent Cloud. The MY MESSAGES menu item is accessible when your students have been set up in the Parent Cloud by selecting ‘My Student’ from the top navigation bar. There, you will see a matrix for each kid, with rows giving all of the phone numbers and email addresses that are available, and columns detailing the many methods of communication that the district uses to communicate with them. The parents have the ability to tick and uncheck boxes to direct messages in the manner of their choosing.


BLEND enables parents to assist their children’s learning by providing them with an overview of assignments, due dates, contact with instructors, and other information. It’s important to note that BLEND is developed on top of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). It provides a safe and secure point of entry for blended learning environments.

  • Typically, pupils are able to utilise BLEND to do the following:
  • You may access course materials online from any device.
  • Keep track of how they’re doing.
  • Accept course announcements, grade alerts, and other similar messages.
  • Collaboration with instructors and classmates is straightforward.

Forgotten Username Retrieval


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