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KSU D2L Brightspace is utilised at Kennesaw State University. D2L Brightspace Use it! Let’s find out about it so you’ll know it when you need it at KSU.

Darkspace D2L

Our professionals can help you. Experts in learning science, strategy, and design will assist your company maximise its usage of the Brightspace platform. Customized implementation and training focuses on what you need and removes what you don’t need to maximise your time and resources.

Brightspace works on a wide range of computers, however the newest browser is recommended. Disable any automatic software updates until you complete your Brightspace online course at the conclusion of each semester.

Brightspace works with any version of Windows or Mac OS X, and any supported web browser, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Brightspace is also available for Android, Apple, and Windows phones. If you use Android, check sure it is version 5.0 or above and that you can visit D2L Brightspace using Chrome. Apple users may browse D2L Brightspace using Safari or Chrome. You can use Windows 10 with Edge, Chrome, or Firefox to visit D2L Brightspace if you use Windows.

Pulse D2L

It’s unclear whether Kennesaw State University (KSU) utilises D2L Brightspace Pulse. What is it? It is a smartphone app that may help students stay connected and on track with their Brightspace courses. This software consolidates course schedules, assignments, readings, grades, assessments, and announcements.

This tool may help students manage their workload, submit assignments, and prepare for examinations. This app provides real-time notifications for class cancellations, room changes, and new grade availability. It also has a schedule view and weekly visualisation so students can see what is due now, this week, and next week.

Brightspace Pulse is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. This software works with Brightspace 10.5.1 and above. It is enabled by default for your company.

The Brightspace Pulse app works best on Android 5.0 or later tablets and phones, and iOS 11.0 or later iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Ask the KSU Service Desk whether KSU utilises Brightspace Pulse.

KSU D2L Third Party Tools

According to KSU’s website, third-party tools are employed in D2L. That is:

Online Movies

It allows professors to search for and embed Films on Demand films from D2L Brightspace. It also has videos on health, business, and professions.

Respondus LockDown

The Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor options are under the LockDown Browser Dashboard.

Complimentary moderators

Collaborate Ultra will take you to your session.


It works in D2L Brightspace. It also allows instructors and students to consume text-based information through audio files without having to download and install extra applications.

Turnitin Studio

It provides originality verification, class management, and paperless digital grading services to educational institutions worldwide.


Upload and stream media assets from KSU, including videos and audio. This utility is included in D2L Brightspace.


This is an internet platform for discussing material such as movies or photographs. Your class may join in by microphone, camera, or text. It works with D2L Brightspace and is accessible for all KSU courses.


It is a web application that allows you to construct online lectures. There’s no limit to what you may include in your lessons.


It has been incorporated into D2L Brightspace to make live virtual meetings with your class simpler.

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