Step by Step login Typhon Student Login

When it comes to developing student portfolios and documenting student clinical participation throughout their nursing careers, the School of Nursing often use the Typhon system. The information you require about Typhon, such as the Typhon Student Login, will be provided to you in this post.

It is possible to access the Typhon information page by going to if you are a new student at the University of Texas at Houston. Afterwards, you’ll be able to log into Typhon using the links on the right. In addition, there are various links that you may utilise to submit a site or preceptor request, create a user account for yourself, or contact the customer service staff. We also encourage you to read and examine the Basics & FAQ page, particularly if you are unfamiliar with Typhon. A great deal of information on Typhon may be obtained from this source.

Every site or preceptor request must be made to your track director using the online form, and you must be aware of this. You may rest assured that they will be notified of your request. Please keep in mind that any requests that are submitted directly by students will not be considered for fulfilment. And, by the way, how can I sign into Typhon Student? The process of logging into your Typhon Student account is fairly simple, as we have explained. You must enter your username and password in order to log into Typhon Student. To go to the next stage, you must first confirm that your login and password were entered successfully in the previous step before moving on. Afterwards, all you have to do is just click on the login button to complete the process.


  • To seek access, you must first fill out the online account request form. To access that form, you may alternatively go to the official website of UT Health University and click on the link titled “account request form,” which is offered by the institution. Your University of Tennessee email address can be used on the form in this situation. The fact that forms containing external email addresses such as Gmail and Yahoo will not be processed is extremely crucial for you to understand.
  • It usually takes between 5 and 7 days to complete the access request procedure. Once your account has been established, you will get an email containing your login credentials.


  • First and foremost, you must enter into Typhon in order to determine whether or not the clinical site and preceptor of your choice are already in the system. In this particular instance, you will be required to know this information once the form has been completed.. To do so, go to the “Information and Setup” section of your Typhon home screen and click “Setup Default Choices.”
  • Complete the site or preceptor request form. 2. The next step is to submit your request. This means that you must double-check to make sure that you have correctly selected Track Director and Typhon System for submission.
  • Finally, after your site or preceptor has been added to the system, you will be alerted through email that this has occurred.

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