Top 500+ Condolence Words

It’s never simple to compose a condolence message. It might be challenging to develop the perfect words to express your condolences during a friend’s or family member’s time of need. On the other hand, sending condolences shows that you care about a person or a loved one and understand or share their suffering. To assist you in writing a meaningful and emotional statement in your sympathy card or sorrow presents, we’ve included a thoughtful selection of condolence phrases and quotes below.

What Is The Best Way To Write A Condolence Message?

When sending a sympathy card, the most important thing to remember is to express your sympathies to the recipient. Condolence gifts and messages are crucial when determining what to write in a sympathy card because they demonstrate sorrow for the bereaved recipient. Because the recipient is likely to get many condolence cards, avoid drafting lengthy messages. To express your feelings, follow these steps:

  • Please express your condolences to the recipient.
  • Please accept my condolences.
  • Share a remembrance of the departed (optional). 
  • If you had a close relationship with the departed, you might share a recollection with the recipient to console them and let them know how much the deceased meant to you.
  • Use a religious phrase, a quote, or a biblical passage (optional). 
  • Finish your card with a statement or religious proverb to let the recipient reflect.
  • Offer assistance or support, and then follow through.

Condolence Messages

Writing a sympathy card may be a difficult and emotional experience. Finding the appropriate words to express support, comfort, and empathy can be difficult. However, we understand the importance of lending a piece of your heart and paying your respects while also being thoughtful, considerate, and transparent with your condolences. Below are some examples of poignant condolence messages that you may use to finish your photo memorial card.

  • I can’t imagine your feeling right now, but please know that we’re only a phone call away. 
  • Kindly accept my deepest condolences.
  • My prayers and friendship are with you during this difficult time.
  • May happy memories of you provide you comfort at this difficult moment. 
  • Please accept our sympathies, and may our prayers console you and accelerate their soul’s journey to Heaven.
  • Words may be inadequate to communicate our/my profound grief over (Name’s) passing, but please accept our/my sympathies, and we/I will make every effort to remember them in our daily prayers.
  • Your loss deeply saddens us. 
  • XYZ was such a wonderful person, and they will live on in our memories for the rest of our lives. 
  • Please accept my deepest condolences.
  • Word may not be adequate to express my heartfelt sorrow over your death. 
  • Accept my heartfelt sympathy.
  • We received word of (Name’s) death with deep regret. 
  • Please recieve our heartfelt condolences, and we hope that they will assist you in some way during this difficult time.
  • We want to explore our heartfelt condolences to you during this difficult moment. 
  • During this time of loss, may God comfort you and your family.
  • I am heartbroken about the loss you and your family have suffered. 
  • Please accept my condolences.
  • The privilege of having known you was a great privilege. 
  • I shall miss them since they were a blessing in my life. 
  • Please accept my condolences.
  • The angels are now rejoicing because a decent soul has finally returned home! 
  • Grief is complicated, but our memories can help us get through it. 
  • Today and always, I will remember you and your loved one. 
  • Please accept my deepest condolences.
  • No matter how kind they are, words can’t take away your pain, but those who love you share your sorrow and wish you peace and comfort. 
  • Please accept my condolences.

Messages of Condolence in a Few Words

Your sympathy card can include a short condolence note if you do not know the recipient personally. To make your note, combine 2-3 short messages and tell the receiver that you are sorry for their pain and that their recovery is in your thoughts.

  • The bereaved family is in our thoughts and prayers.
  • We’ve lost sight of you, but you are still alive in our hearts.
  • In this time of sadness, my heartfelt thoughts are with you.
  • In this challenging time, I shall be thinking about you.
  • Wishing you, all the best.
  • You can always count on me. 
  • May all loved ones’ souls rest in peace and be in the presence of God. 
  • May you find ease and comfort in your heart and soul.
  • May the passing of time bring you comfort.
  • Our prayers & thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • In the wake of your loss, my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.
  • I’m sorry for your loss. 
  • Love and friendship go hand in hand.
  • It’s impossible to forget someone so special.
  • During this trying time, I’m thinking of you.
  • Having learned of your loss, we are heartbroken and have no words to convey our condolences.
  • We are speechless of expressing our sorrow for your loss.

Condolence Quotes

A sympathy quotation can also provide the receiver with thoughtful words to assist them in reflecting on the life of the person they’ve lost. Quotes can elicit profound reflection or provide new insight into what it means to lose a loved one. Our words won’t take away the grief of losing a loved one, but they can make a grieving person feel loved and supported.

Additionally, sympathy quotations can serve as thoughtful words of comfort to those who have lost someone dear to them. Quotes can elicit profound reflection or provide new insight into what it means to lose a loved one. Our words won’t remove the grief of losing a loved one, but they can make a grieving person feel loved and supported.

“When the heart laments what it has lost, the spirit rejoices in what it still possesses.” 


“What we have once enjoyed cant lose.” 

“Everything we passionately love becomes a part of us.” 

-Henriette Keller

”Gratitude will endure in times of sorrow, like a bird singing in the rain.” 

As love is immortal, those who love cannot die.” 

Emily Dickinson was a poet living in the 19th century.

“A great soul is always willing to help others. 

A noble soul is immortal. 

It brings us together regularly.” 

Poet, author, and activist, Maya Angelou lives in New York City.

“There will be no farewells for us.” 

You are in my heart everytime, no matter where you are.” 


If you look into your heart when you are sad, you will find that you are weeping for that which was your delight.” 

-Kahlil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran

“They say that love that transcends the world cannot be divorced from it.” 

“What never dies cannot be killed by death.” 

William Penn (William Penn)

“While we lament the loss of our friend, others rejoice at the prospect of meeting him behind the veil.” 

-James Taylor

Despite your best efforts, a loved one’s death still comes as a shock and causes great grief.” 

Billy Graham (Billy Graham)

“Heartstrings forever link those we love and those we lose.” 

Terri Guillemets (Terri Guillemets)

Meaningful Thoughts

Choose from our selection of thoughtful condolence quotes to conclude your card if you’re seeking more ideas on what to write in your sympathy card. Your warm and heartfelt condolences can be a simple beacon of light during such a difficult time in a bereaved individual’s or family’s life. We hope that our suggestions help you relax, write, and express your heartfelt sympathy to someone who is grieving. Consider meaningful condolence presents for more ideas on how to support your friends during this difficult time.

General condolence messages

What do you say to a family member or close friend who has died? The condolence letters listed below are suitable for practically any situation; the best condolence words are timeless and graceful.

  • May you be blessed with tranquility.
  • We are praying for you as a monument to your strength and courage.
  • We wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time.
  • Our idea and prayers are with you, and our hearts break for you.
  • Allow your memories to comfort you as you go through this difficult time.
  • During this terrible time, I send my prayers and support to you and your family.
  • Dear friend, may you rest in peace. 
  • I wish you peace and comfort.
  • Your loss has broken my heart.
  • I am sending you love and prayers during this difficult time.
  • When no words can honestly describe the depth of what we’re experiencing, it’s never simple to find the correct phrases to express our feelings.
  • We hope that the memories and celebrations of their life bring you comfort.
  • Please know that they will always be honestly loved and remembered by us.
  • We are deeply sorry for your loss and express our condolences.
  • As you mourn this loss, please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Messages of condolence for the loss of a mother

What do you say to a child who has lost their mother? It’s a delicate situation. 

The tips below can assist you in coming up with some ideas.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss and grief. 
  • I’m sure your mother is smiling as she keeps an eye on all of you.
  • Your excellent mother was adored by all and was a blessing to all who knew her. 
  • Many people will miss her.
  • We miss her terribly and pray for you. 
  • For many, her death is a significant loss.
  • Your mother was a true treasure whom all will miss.
  • She was a wonderful lady.
  • Your mother had such a profound impact on the lives of many people. 
  • May her spirit carry on through you and your loved ones.
  • Her unique and gentle soul will live on in our hearts forever. 
  • Let her soul rest in peace.
  • I wish you happiness and tranquility.
  • Your mother was a wonderful person who was full of love for others. 
  • May she find peace and be free of suffering.
  • I’m heartbroken to learn about your loss. 
  • Your mum was a lovely lady. 
  • Your darling mother had such a sweet spirit. 
  • A remarkable individual has been lost to the world. 
  • I’m sure you’ll cherish the memories and lessons she’s taught you.
  • She taught us that the only valid truth is love.
  • She was and always will be a unique individual.

Condolences for the loss of father

  • As you cope with your loss and the absence of your father, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • We all will miss your loving father. 
  • Rest in peace, and he was a good man.
  • His spirit is all about him, like a lovely light he brought with him.
  • My heart aches for you. 
  • I’m heartbroken about your loss. 
  • I’m sure your father was a one-of-a-kind individual.
  • His soul will live on in our hearts forever.
  • He opened so many minds and touched so many hearts.
  • We shall never forget him and are glad for the opportunity to have known him.
  • As you cope with your loss and the absence of your father, my sincere condolences and prayers go out to you.
  • May your father’s soul rest in peace. 
  • We all will remember him.
  • Your father was a genius man, and I will cherish the memories I have of him for the rest of my life.
  • I learned how to be a lovely human being from my father. 
  • He was a man who was polite, compassionate, and selfless.
  • We’re grateful he was in our lives.
  • His kind warmth will be with us for the rest of our lives.
  • My friend, may you rest in peace.
  • Your father was a man of trustworthiness and great integrity.

Religious condolence messages

  • May God bless you and your family through this difficult time.
  • I’ll pray for you all and remember you in my prayers.
  • May God give you and your family the strength to cope with this tragedy.
  • God bless you and take care of you.
  • In this time of need, may the Lord bless you.
  • During this difficult and challenging time, may Lord provide you with comfort.
  • I pray that God provides your family with strength during this difficult time.
  • May God look after you and keep an eye on you.
  • Hopefully you will be able to overcome this difficult time with the help of God.
  • At this trying time, may God’s mercy and blessings be upon you and your family.
  • God bless the soul who has passed away. 
  • We shall keep you in our prayers.

Bible condolences

How does the Bible treat grief? Or how about recollections? What does God have to say about adversity? The texts that follow will help to answer those questions.

  • You have my peace; I leave you with my peace. 
  • I do not give to you the same as the world given to you. 
  • Fear not, and don’t let your hearts be worried. 
  • – John 14:27 (NIV)
  • I cried out to you, Lord my God, for assistance, and you responded by healing me. 
  • 30:2 (Psalms)
  • I’ll be with you and keep an eye on you everywhere you go. 
  • – Deuteronomy 28:15
  • Because the Lord soothes his people and has compassion for those in need. 
  • Our God is generous and righteous, and he is compassionate. 
  • The Lord protects the simple-hearted; he rescued me when I was in desperate need. 
  • Psalms 116:5-6 –
  • You will be restored and strengthened, firm, and faithful after you have suffered a little while by the God of all grace. 
  • – 1 Peter 5:10; 1 Peter 5:11; 1 Peter 5:12; 1
  • Let those who are burdened and toil come to me, and I will give them rest. 
  • Accept my yoke as yours. 
  • My weight is light, and my yoke is easy. 
  • 11:28 (Matthew)
  • Because we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, we also share abundantly in Christ’s comfort. 
  • God himself goes before you and will always be with you; he will never abandon you. 

What should be said in a short condolence message.

  • For example, space may be limited on a note attached to a floral bouquet.
  • Condolences text messages (also known as condolences SMS) are another example of how vital each letter is.
  • Finding the appropriate word or words is critical in brief messages like these.
  • Of course, regardless of the words you use, your words of sadness must be consoling. 
  • Here are a few instances; all are under 70 characters long.
  •  We extend our sincere sympathies.
  • We extend our sincerest apologies to you.
  • Please accept our deepest condolences.
  • During this trying time, I pray for your comfort and strength.
  • I wish your family peace and mercy.
  • We’re heartbroken to learn about your loss.
  • May the departed soul rest in peace.
  • Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of the soul.
  • During this challenging time, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • We wish you happiness.
  • May the departed soul rest in peace.

Sympathy quotes at their finest

Famous people’s sympathy quotes will assist you in crafting the appropriate condolences for a friend or family member. The examples below will help you embrace the memories of a loved one, the sorrowful moments, and the happy moments in mourning and life. Become the reason for your grieving loved ones, colleagues, or friends and family’s smiles, even if they are still in pain from the loss of a loved one. You may give them that smile right now by instilling hope in them with the condolence quotes listed below, assuring them that they will never forget their loved ones.

  • I will walk with you through the years, through deep green forests and along sandy coasts, and after our time on earth ends, I will have my hand in heaven as well.” 
  • – Sexton, Robert 
  • There are waves of grief that wash over us, like the ocean. 
  • The sea is quiet at times and intimidating at others. 
  • It is imperative that we learn to swim.” 
  • Vicki Harrison (Vicki Harrison)
  • “How quietly you crept into our world, almost silently, and stayed a moment barely.” 
  • “However, your footsteps have left an indelible mark on our hearts.” 
  • Dorothy Ferguson is a writer.
  • In the end, it’s not how many years you’ve lived that matters. 
  • It’s your life in years.” 
  • — President Abraham Lincoln
  • A person’s life is not measured by how long he lives, but by how deeply he lives.” 
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson a US poet.
  • “Sing like a bird in the rain in times of sorrow, let grateful memories endure.” 
  • Robert Louis Stevenson, “Robert Louis Stevenson,” “Robert Louis Stevenson,”
  • “May love be the most vivid memory you have.” 
  • Darcie Sims (Darcie Sims)
  • “There will be no farewells for us.” 
  • My heart will always belong to you, wherever you are.” 
  • Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • “Heartstrings forever link those we love and those we lose.” 
  • Terri Guillemets (Terri Guillemets)
  • “It is not to die to live in the hearts we leave behind.” 
  • – Campbell, Thomas
  • “What we once enjoyed cannot be taken away.” 
  • “Everything we passionately love becomes a part of us.” 
  • Helen Keller is a famous author.
  • “Wishing you courage now and hope for the future.” 
  • Renee O’Neill

The best condolences for a dog or cat

It’s one thing to figure out what to say to someone who has lost a parent, but losing a pet can be even more difficult.

It might make a bereaved pet owner feel isolated and alone. However, they are not alone on their voyage; many others share their feelings. The “loss of a pet messages” listed below will assist you in reassuring them that they are not alone during this terrible time.

  • He was a trustworthy and dependable buddy.
  • It’s difficult to say goodbye to a beautiful cat or dog.
  • Little brother/sister, may you rest in peace.
  • She’ll always be my princess, no matter what.
  • He was such a friendly and playful cat/dog.
  • It’s difficult to say farewell to a beautiful friend.
  • You were the ideal companion and tiny pal we needed to round out our lives.
  • Thank you for all of the good moments. 
  • You were an excellent companion to us.
  • We all will miss them. 
  • They were fantastic dogs.
  • My friend, have a peaceful night. 
  • We’ll run into each other at the Rainbow Bridge.
  • He was such a sweet and loving cat or dog.
  • I hope you find solace in your recollections of your happy moments jointly.

Condolence messages for sympathy cards: Sincere condolences

You should give someone you lost a close friend or family member some comfort if they have recently lost someone. Writing a heartfelt sympathy card or letter for them, the loved one, or their family and friends is one method to accomplish this.

Tips for crafting sympathy messages that go beyond “thoughts and prayers.”

  • Making sure the words are heartfelt is the first step in drafting a condolence card. It implies that instead of simply stating “I’m sorry for your loss” or something similar, you should take the time to truly convey how important they were in your life and how meaningful the memories are to you.
  • It’s also crucial to write in a tone that gives the appropriate feeling. 
  • Use phrases and words such as “passing,” “loss,” “comfort and peace,” “peaceful passage,” “support,” and “safely” if someone has recently died.
  • The words you use indeed have an impact! 
  • Express sympathy for their suffering, letting them know that you understand how they feel and see that they are mourning right now.
  • Remember that while we can’t always predict how the person reading your letter will react, they will appreciate your work in writing it.

How to sign a (group) sympathy card

  • Use a pen with a different ink color than the envelope. 
  • It will make it easier to locate in future sorting piles.
  • Sign at the bottom right of the card’s front side, then fold it up towards yourself like an envelope.
  • Where you signed, address your letter below, but wait until everyone has signed before stamping; we can modify cards as per occasion at the last minute.
  • Below your name, write the date you’ll be mailing it, and then a line for individuals to sign their names.
  • After everyone has signed, wait about two minutes for the ink to dry before sealing the card.
  • If you’re sending something by mail, don’t put anything else on the envelope beside your address because anyone can read it.


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Sample Condolence Messages with Flowers

Grief is a long process that can take a long time to overcome, but it is possible to go through it with the help of friends and family.

If you’re unsure how to express your sympathies to someone who has lost a loved one, here are some sympathy floral notes that can help you convey just what you want in the perfect way. You may match as well as mix some of the suggestions below. Consider these “building blocks” that you can use to create the perfect message for the situation.


Dear ___,

To the family of:

  • The moments we shared will live on in our hearts forever. 
  • Your loss profoundly saddens me.
  •  We’re thinking about you.
  •  We hope these flowers bring you some tranquility.
  • Please know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
  • Please accept my heartfelt sympathies on your loved one’s passing.
  • Will sorely missed.
  • ___was a fantastic companion.
  • We’ll never forget about it.
  • I hope she has finally found peace.
  • I’m saddened to learn of’s death. 
  • In the next world, I hope to find serenity.
  • I’m deeply saddened to learn of’s end. 
  • I hope you will find comfort in friends’ and family members’ support during this difficult time.
  • Your loss profoundly saddens me. 
  • XYZ was a wonderful and kind man, and I will never forget him for his wit, generosity, and concern.
  • Your loss profoundly saddens me. 
  • ABC was a lovely and thoughtful woman, and I will remember her for her wit, kindness, and compassion.
  • I was devastated to learn about’s death. 
  • Rest in peace, ABC.
  • We’re heartbroken to learn about your loss. 
  • We hope you will find some serenity in the days and weeks ahead.
  • Thank you for playing such a vital role in our lives.
  • I’ve come to help you.


Sincerely, _____

Most sincerely, ____

Love, ____

With deepest sympathy, ___

Beyond “May he rests in peace”: some tips on writing condolences.

Composing sympathy notes for the death of a loved one is never easy. 

Following are a few pointers to remember when writing heartfelt condolences.

  • Be considerate of others. 
  • Your warm remarks will express your condolences to the bereaved.
  • Should draw your attention to the time you spend with the individual.
  • Say something genuine and heartfelt. 
  • Say things like “I’m sad,” “I’m grieving,” “I’m scared,” “I’m concerned,” and so on to express how you’re feeling.
  • Please don’t pretend to understand what they’re going through.
  • Avoid using clichés and making general statements.
  • Inquire about the needs of the bereaved.
  • Expect no response from the suffering person. 

Grief quotes

Loss is the natural thing that we all experience at some point in our lives. Life is full of change; whether it’s the death of a family member, friend, or pet. we must learn to cope. Grief guides are written for people going through grief who need hope, encouragement, and support. The statements below provide insight into the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have gone through loss before you. They can help you understand what someone else is going through if they’re going through a similar scenario, or they can help you put your position in perspective at this trying time.

  • “As the day progressed, I became elderly, then grew young again.” 
  • W.H. Auden (W.H. Auden)
  • To grieve, one must step back from the minutiae of life and allow the weight and gravity of energy to bear down on them.
  • It’s not a luxury, but rather a necessary action.” 
  • — Sharon Jayson, Ph.D.
  • “No anguish is greater than the remembrance of joy amid grief.” 
  • Geoffrey Chaucer, Geoffrey Chaucer, Geoffrey Chaucer, Geoffrey
  • “Grief is a long process; there are no quick fixes.” 
  • You can only hope for sympathetic friends who would listen without passing judgment or proposing answers.” 
  • Capon, Robert Farrar
  • “Nature does not rush, but everything gets done.” 
  • Tao Te Ching (Tao Te Ching)
  • “The years are brief, but the days are long.” 
  • — unknown author
  • “I’m determined that when I’m ready to die of old age, it will not be out of fear or sadness.” 
  • — unknown author

What is a heartfelt sympathy message?

A heartfelt sympathy message offers condolences for losing a loved one and is considered necessary. If possible, provide words of hope and reassure the mourning person or family that they are not alone. A heartfelt sympathy message is both consoling and compassionate. It is not intended to be a lengthy letter or dialogue but rather a brief, sincere acknowledgment of the loss and shared pain. It also sends the recipient that they are loved and supported. You want them to know you’re sorry for their loss, that you’re thinking of them, and that you’re here for them.

There are 15 comforting phrases to use when someone close to you pass away

  • You may find comfort in the memories of the person you lost.
  • I am heartbroken about your loss. 
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • Please accept my condolences on behalf of your family and friends.
  • I wanted to let you know that I am here for you during this challenging day.
  • We all correctly understand how difficult it is to accept that someone you cared about has passed away.
  • In a circumstance like this, it’s challenging to know what to say, but I hope this message is of some assistance.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • We will remember her fondly.
  • I am speechless to describe how much better this is.
  • I wish you happiness throughout this trying time.
  • In your heart and your memories, he will always remain with you.
  • We shall never forget her since she was a brilliant light in our lives.
  • You are not alone in this.

What do condolences mean?

  • The following is a simple definition of the term “condolences”:
  • Sympathy, compassion, or regret is expressed for someone who has suffered loss or tragedy.
  • Following the death of their grandmother, the family got condolences from friends.
  • When employed as a noun, the term “condolences” is usually exclusively used in the plural form; the single form “condolence” is uncommon.
  • When used as an adjective, however, the singular form “condolence” is standard, as in the phrases “condolence card” and “condolence message.”
  • Both “condolence” and “condolences” are derived from the Latin condolences, which is derived from the Latin verb condolere, which means “to suffer from another.”
  • Dolere is a Latin word that means “to weep,” as in “doleful.”

What is the correct spelling of condolences?

This section’s headline has just answered that question. 

It’s “condolences,” and not “condolances,” “condolinces,” or “condolonces.”

Some Other Condolence Messages

Dealing with emotions is difficult for everyone, and a written condolence message can sometimes better express your sentiments. These 100 finest condolences will help you concentrate on what matters. The entire list of condolence notes has been tested and is widely used worldwide.

  • My condolences on your father’s passing.
  • It’s heartbreaking to learn of your loss, and my condolences go out to you and your family.
  • I am heartbroken about the loss you and your family have suffered. 
  • Please accept my condolences.
  • May God grant you the tranquility you seek.
  • May my thoughts and prayers console you and relieve the sadness of this loss.
  • During this challenging moment in your life, I send you my thoughts, prayers, and best wishes. 
  • Your family and I send our heartfelt condolences. 
  • God bless your mother’s soul. 
  • I am deeply saddened by your death. 
  • Thank God for your strength. 
  • You can contact us for assistance. Although I do not know how you are feeling right now, please know that we are here for you. 
  • Please accept my deepest condolences.
  • My pleasure was to have known your uncle. 
  • It was a great loss to me to have known him. 
  • Her unique and gentle soul will live on in our hearts forever. 
  • Let her soul rest in peace!
  • Good hearts have stopped beating, and a good soul has ascended to Heaven. 
  • Accept my heartfelt sympathy.
  • We’ll never forget about you. 
  • We shall pray for him in the same way he prayed for us. 
  • May God grant him everlasting rest.
  • His generosity will never be forgotten. 
  • His family is in need of strength to deal with such a terrible loss. May God grant them eternal rest.
  • Writing about the person and sending a courteous condolence message is a helpful method to cope with sadness.
  • It is why we have compiled this collection of 100 heartfelt condolence messages so that you can be inspired and write the most excellent sympathy message possible for your loved one.
  • When writing on such a sensitive subject, it’s critical to choose your words carefully; most of those reading it are grieving for their loss and would appreciate being reminded with respect, positivity, and a proven condolence message.
  • I will miss someone who was genuinely lovely and friendly.
  • On your grave, our dear grandfather, a prayer, a flower, a candle, and sad tears of suffering.
  • Your loss profoundly saddens me. 
  • That is with deep regret that I inform you that your uncle will be missed and never forgotten.
  • May God place her in a particular place where she will be able to watch over us, her loved ones!
  • It is God who will forgive her and accept her soul into Eden, where she will find the throne she desires and loves!
  • Condolences to the family who has lost a loved one. 
  • My eyes are welling up with tears as I remember a dear friend, a wonderful young lady. 
  • I pray she rests in peace.
  • Despite the fact that your father is no longer physically present, we know God has entrusted him with the control of keeping a watchful eye on you.
  • We want to express our condolences to you during this difficult moment. 
  • I am capable of understanding that what you are going through is tough; nevertheless, please know that I support you. 
  • Your loss profoundly saddens me.
  • Please accept my sincere condolences and may your grandfather’s soul rest in peace.
  • Our condolences on the demise of your aunty. 
  • May our prayers and friendship bring you comfort during this trying time.
  • I lost because I loved it too much.
  • Despite the fact that you are no longer with me, but you will always be in my soul. 
  • Lovely mother of us, may God provide you peace.
  • I cannot adequately express my sorrow over your mother’s passing with words. 
  • Accept my heartfelt sympathy.
  • John, we are sad to know the news of your mother’s death. 
  • Please recieve our condolences as we wish you peace throughout this challenging time.
  • Sofia, we just wanted to express our condolences on the passing of your father; he was a lovely man. 
  • Rest in peace, and he was a good man.
  • Loosing someone to whom we care alot is not easy. 
  • Please let me know what can I do for you. 
  • Please accept my condolences.
  • I pray for the everlasting rest of one who was a woman of great humanity with a heavy heart.
  • Words are meaningless in these moments of grief. 
  • God grant her soul rest, and may the angels always with her!
  • A lovely soul, full of faith and love, soared to paradise, away from us but closer to God, leaving loneliness and despair behind.
  • God has mercy on her soul.

Sample Condolence Message

In addition to simplifying the condolence card, we encourage you to simply be considerate. Adding a condolence quotation to our sample condolence notes is a great way to express sympathy.

Short Condolence Text

Please visit our page if you require a brief and straightforward condolence message. If you wish to keep your condolences simple, a short statement on the flower notes is ideal.

Please accept my condolences.

  • We all adored him, and he will live on in our hearts and minds forever. 
  • Please accept our condolences.
  • Flowers and prayers are being sent to our grandfather and great-grandfather, who passed away far too soon.
  • We are heartbroken over your loss; may our prayers lead his spirit to our heavenly father. 
  • Heartfelt condolences!
  • The news of John’s death has left us devastated. 
  • Mother is the most valuable person on the planet. 
  • Our mother’s death left a gap that can never be filled.
  • May our Lord’s compassion and mercy be given upon you and your family during this trying time. 
  • Please accept my deepest condolences.
  • Our loving mother and aunt were summoned by the Lord last night. 
  • May her soul find rest in God.
  • It is with deep unhappiness that I hear about the passing of your brother.
  • I will remember him daily in my prayers and I will be sorely missed.
  • Please accept our condolences.
  • May the recently deceased’s soul rest in peace, and may my prayers help her on her journey to our Creator.
  • Nobody understands how difficult a breakup is. 
  • Only our loving grandmother’s eternal memory remains in our hearts.
  • May your beautiful recollection of your mother provide you with peace during this challenging time. 
  • Please accept my most sincere condolences and prayers.
  • When we lose a beloved one here on earth, we are granted an angel in Heaven to watch over us. 
  • Please accept our heartfelt sympathy.
  • Accept my sincere sympathy.
  • We pray for God to give you the peace you need to get through this difficult time. 
  • Heartfelt condolences!
  • It’s impossible to prepare for a loss; you’re hit like a sledgehammer. 
  • But take comfort in the fact that he is now resting in our Lord’s arms.
  • We are very distressed, and words fall short of expressing our grief at this time. 
  • Heartfelt condolences!
  • Please accept my sincere condolences; words cannot explain the sorrow you are experiencing at this time; God rest his soul.

Conclusion: don’t face grief alone

Grief is difficult to manage, but no one should go through it alone. So it’s reassuring to hear that others are concerned. Among the many grieving quotes and consoling remarks available are these. Would you please forward these quotations, advice, and links to someone who may benefit from them?


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