As a University of Alaska Fairbanks student, you will have access to UAF Blackboard and the uaf email at UAF Blackboard Login. Once logged into your university portal account, you will have access to all of these services. With the help of this instruction, you can effortlessly complete the UAF Blackboard Login process. If you are unfamiliar with how to access UAF Blackboard, you have come to the correct spot.

We’ve included a comprehensive step-by-step login tutorial for UAF Blackboard in this post. Additionally, we have included contact information for the UAF technical support staff. But before that, we will be telling you about what is UAF Blackboard Login.

What is UAF Blackboard?

The course management system at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is called Blackboard. Many courses at the University of Alaska utilize Blackboard to distribute course materials online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling students to communicate with professors and other students.

Students are automatically enrolled in courses at UAF Blackboard when they enroll in a new Blackboard course shell, which is produced each semester automatically. On the other hand, students will not be able to access the course until the teacher makes it accessible to them after it is complete. Webinar on Getting Your Course Up and Running

Learn More about UAF Login

Learn about the most critical aspects of the University of Alaska Blackboard system, including logging into your account most quickly and conveniently.

There is no need to form a new account; for existing users; those who have forgotten their UAF Email login ID or password will be able to check in to their account by resetting their password.

University of Alaska FairBanks- Overview

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a public research university in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is an excellent choice for students who want the safety and ease of suburban living in terms of location. The University of Alaska in Fairbanks, which was established in 1917, is a public research university. It provides more than 70 different study topics and several technical and vocational training programs on the UAF blackboard. The main campus, which encompasses 2,250 acres and is four miles from downtown Fairbanks in central Alaska, is accessible by car or foot.

Students from 80 different majors graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks during the most recent year, for which we have data available. Eight hundred eighty-four of these students finished with undergraduate degrees, while 247 graduated with masters or doctoral degrees. A list of the most common undergraduate majors is provided in the following table, together with the average income earned by graduates from those degrees.


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What are the UAF Blackboard Login Requirements?

To have access to their UAF Blackboard account, all University of Alaska Fairbanks students must get the required items on their person. If you want to access your web portal account, be sure to read the following prerequisites carefully before proceeding.

  1. Students must have their username and password.
  2. Official University of Alaska Fairbanks login gateway
  3. A laptop or PC linked to a secure internet connection is critical for a fast login procedure.
  4. Trustworthy web browser.

How to Login UAF Blackboard Account Online?

This section attempts to describe the UAF Blackboard login tutorial by following a few simple steps. If you have difficulties logging into your UAF Blackboard account, you may follow the instructions outlined below.

However, before you begin, double-check that you have the right University of Alaska login credentials. As long as you have all the necessary items, you may continue with the UAF login procedure.

Step 1: To begin, you will need to go to the University of Alaska Fairbanks portal’s official website. Click on UAF blackboard to access portal or type. This portal URL may be used by any students to begin the login procedure.

Step 2: The login website will appear on your screen when you have clicked on the University above of Alaska portal link. You will be required to enter your University of Alaska login credentials here. Then, enter your student login and password in the appropriate fields on the next page.

Step 3: After completing the required information, click on the “Log in” button to finish the UAF login process.

How to Reset the Password of UAF Login Portal?

You will need your UAF password in addition to your UAF user ID to make use of all of the services available on the UAF Blackboard site. If you have forgotten your account password, you may request a new one. In such a case, you will be required to reset your new UAF login password using the official UAF website.

Two methods have been provided in this section, which may be used to resolve your login issue.

Method 1

You may utilize this approach if you know your University of Alaska Fairbanks login username or user ID.

Step 1: You will need to go to the University of Alaska login page toAny students may use this portal URL reset your password. You may access the direct gateway URL that has been provided above.

Step 2: Once you’ve arrived at the gateway, click on the “forgot your password” link on the right. Then a new tab will appear on your computer’s screen, which you may go to.

In this case, you will need to pick the second option, which is seen in the photo..

Step 3: After choosing the second option, you will be prompted to provide your University of Alaska login. Fill out the form and click the “Submit” button.

Method 2

If you do not remember your UAF password and your UAF username, you may request a new one. Then kindly follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: The “forgot your password” option may also be accessed by visiting the portal and selecting the “forgot your password” option.

Step 2: However, you will be required to pick the third choice available in this particular approach. After then, a new form will appear.

During this step, you will be requested to give the information below to verify your identity.

1. Your date of birth in the MMDDYY format.

2. Last name.

3. And Social Security Number (last four digits).

If you do not have a social security number (SSN), choose the option “Don’t have a social security number (SSN).”

It is possible to successfully reset your UAF login password if you have performed the procedures outlined above.

UAF Login – University of Alaska Fairbanks Contact Details

If you need assistance when accessing the UAF Blackboard, please contact the technical support staff. Then you may get in touch with us here at Technology Assistance for help: 1-800-478-8226.

Toll-free technical support center number: 1 877 633 3888. 

You may also get in touch with the technical staff by UAF Gmail. Here is the UAF email address that is necessary.

1) Uaf blackboard login

If you are seeking the University of Florida blackboard login, please see the link given below.

Uaf Login

2)Uaf Online Service

To access the student training, please click on the link below.

Click Here To Access

3)University of Alaska Web Login Service

Please click on the blue button provided below to access the University of Alaska’s web-based login system.

Web Login Service access

4)University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is accessible via the link provided below.

Fairbanks Access here

5) UAF Online Account

Students at this institution must have access to university UAF email and a Google map to complete their studies.

UAF Online Account Access Here

6) UAF Blackboard twitter

Twitter account of uaf Blackboard

Twitter Account link

7) UAF Canvas Tour

Students interested in learning more about the UAF Canvas and Blackboard learning management systems may attend two virtual seminars hosted by UAF Canvas eCampus Advising. Canvas and Blackboard will be used by teachers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this fall. More information on Canvas, including how to determine whether or not your teacher will be using it, may be found on the UAF Canvas homepage.


We hope you found our post about the UAF blackboard login instructions to be helpful. We have provided the official portal URL and step-by-step instructions for UAF university students to use the site. However, even after reading the text access, please do not hesitate to leave a remark if you encounter any issues.


Correct blackboard[2021] Blackboard UAF Login- University of Alaska System

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