5 Unusual Places in India

One of the distinctive qualities of India is its diversity. Having a vast population, India depicts several physical features and different cultures unusual places. India is the only country where you can find all the major religions of the world. In addition, we will find the number of great rulers who ruled India for an extended period.

Talking about various attractions to visit in India, this country is full of multiple destinations, whether mountains, plains, deserts, or beaches. You can find everything in this beautiful nation. But there are some unusual places which you find strange or maybe interesting areas that are beyond reality.

5 Unusual Places in India

Magnetic hill, Ladakh


Many years ago, newton gave us a law of gravity that everything that goes above will surely come back. But, if I say that there unusual places where your vehicles will go upward rather than moving downward! Yes, there is a road in Ladakh, 30 km away from Leh, which is strange due to its exceptional case beyond the earth’s gravitational pull. So, all you have to do is turn off your car’s engine on this Leh- Kargil highway and wait for the Tarzan to move your vehicle to unusual places. Then, your call will roll up to the hill with a speed of 20 km/hr. Due to this miraculous phenomenon, this hill is known by different exciting names such as mystery hill, gravity hill, or magnetic hill.

So talking about the reason for this magnetic process, there are different stories for unusual places. When we speak to the locals, they have their legend that this way went to heaven, and the person who is deserving of heaven, the course will automatically lead him to that. Quite strange!

But science will give you some different explanations, and I think it’s pretty applicable too. So science believes that there is some magnetic force in the hill which attracts the nearby vehicle toward sit. This magnetic force is so strong that even aeroplanes avoid this route to fly not to face any magnetic intrusion in their devices.

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Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara lies around 20 km away from the desert town of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. If you enter this village area, you will find very little vegetation, unusual places with homes but not humans in it. So what is the reason behind this that a well-established business became a ghosty deserted area? It is believed that the people around 200 years ago abandoned this village. There is a famous legend about the curse of Kuldhara. During the era of powerful rulers, Kuldhara was home to Paliwal brahmins.

At that time, Salim Singh was the down of Jaisalmer. He was known for his cruelty and evil. He collects heavy taxes from the villagers in unusual places. He set his eyes on the beautiful daughter of the village chief and warned the villagers that if they would come in his way, they will impose more taxes on them. Due to fear of the king’s anger, the whole village escaped one night, leaving their homes and everything there. To date, no one knows where the brahmins settled in unusual places. All we know that they cursed the village before moving, and no one can pay there after them. The houses are in the same conditions as left by the inhabitants. At sunset, locals of nearby villages closed the doors of Kuldhara.

Jatinga, Assam

This village is the only hill station in the state of Assam. It’s a tribal village known for the suicide of hundreds of birds every year at certain weeks unusual places. This process prevalent here for the longest time is called “bird suicide.” Hundreds of birds fly toward the light and fell dead. Usually, it happens during the end of the monsoon when there is fog and low visibility.

Villagers believe that some evil spirits kill these birds to terrorize them. But with time, this phenomenon becomes famous in unusual places. So conservationists and researchers tried to research and find out the actual reason for this annual death of birds. After research, they concluded that this is due to the disarray of birds at high attitude. And the fog after the monsoon makes it worse. The villagers of Jatinga have bamboo poles on top. When birds during fog fly towards the light source with high velocity, hit by the bamboo and get injured or die.

Conservationists were taking various steps to save the birds and educate the villagers that this is not due to any evil spirit and we can keep the birds by taking different measures. 

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 Roopkund Lake, Uttrakhand

Imagine walking near a lake, and suddenly you will notice a heap of skeletons or bones! What will you do? The same thing happened in 1942 with a British guard when he discovered skeletons in Roopkund, India. As there was a time of war, the first thing that came to mind that the structures were of Japanese soldiers who had died due to cold while sneaking through India. But proper examination and research observed that the bones are not fresh enough, and thus, they are not British soldiers.

For decades, no one would able to find out the mystery behind the skeleton lake. However, in 2004, the secret revealed, and that completely different from all guesses. All the bodies dated around 850 AD. DNA evidence depicts that the skeletons belong to two types of groups. One belongs to the family of tribes, and the second is a shorter group of people. Bamboo sticks, leather boots, etc., found, leading experts to believe that some pilgrims group heading through the valley with the help of locals. All dead bodies found dead in a similar way, something round and hard on the head. After continuing research, it concluded that all 200 people died of a sudden and severe hailstorm. There were no unusual places to seek shelter in a valley, which leads to the death of all people. They remain in the lake for almost 1200 years until their discovery.

Kochi, Kerala

Twins are cute. Isn’t they! So, what will you say that there is one place which is full of twins. Kodhini is a modest village in the state of Kerala. There are around 2000 families in this village, and you will find almost 400 twins in these families. India is a country that has one of the lowest rates of twin births in the world unusual places.

But Kodhini is not following this memo. The discovery of this village was due to the curiosity of two twin sisters who first realized that there are eight pairs of twins in their class and 24 pairs in their school. After the news spread, it was discovered that there were 280 pairs of twins in Kodhini village. This also led to the birth of twins and kin association, which support the twins of Kodhini village. The locals say that the birth of twins is occurring for the last three generations.

According to researchers, the possible reason for the twin phenomenon could be eating and drinking style. Another possible reason is any unknown pollutant as the possible reason behind the restricted nature of the village. In 2008, nearly 300 women gave birth, and out of those, 15 deliveries are of twins. This village is around 150 km away from Kochi, Kerala. You will find a bord welcoming you with a written name as “God’s own country of twins.”

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So, these are some unusual places in India. If you want to visit some different area, or experiencing something new, then start discovering the above locations. Unique places are definitely for the adventurous one!

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