Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey

Turkey is a large peninsula that connects Asia and Europe through a bridge. It is surrounded by the mediterranean sea, the black sea, and the Aegean sea. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey which is partially in Europe and partially in Asia. Turkey is larger than the state of texas so you can visit Turkey.

Thus the country is the most earthquake-prone area that suffered almost 13 earthquakes in the last 70 years. Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in visit Turkey with two peaks, reaching 16945-foot height. The mountain is considered sacred by the natives.

99% of the population is Muslims in visit Turkey. Most of the population lives in cities. Moreover, Soccer is the most popular sport in turkey. There are three primary teams of Soccer in Istanbul.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey

A place for tea lover and coffee lover

If you are a tea lover or coffee lover, then turkey is a place for you. Turkey is one of the top 5 tea-growing countries. And most of the tea is consumed domestically. Tea is an all-time activity in turkey, starting from breakfast and continuing till bedtime. Tea is considered a gesture in friendship. In every turkey home, you will find a pot of tea is brewing and waiting for the gues to come. Each time cup of tea is served in front of every guest. If you are a tourist in visit Turkey, you will find many tea gardens on the narrow street of Istanbul. Nothing is better than experiencing a cup of tea sitting under the vines of tea gardens while reading your favourite book.

The fragrance of Turkish coffee, better known as ”Türk kahvesi”, is just incredible. It is like another version of espresso. Each cup is prepared individually in a kettle and served in elegant cups.

Preparing tea or coffee is so significant in visit Turkey that a bride is often judged by her finance and his family on how nicely she prepares and serves Turkish coffee. So, make sure if you are also a tea or coffee lover, add this beautiful country to your bucket list and experience their tea coffee in their way of life.

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Ski destination

If you are adventurous and love to slide above the ski slopes, then visit Turkey is waiting for you. Every season is good in visit Turkey, especially the winter season. Ski centres al always the favourite spots in turkey. Whether you are planning to ski with family or looking for adventure sports, turkey has a world-class terrain surface.

There are number of ski resorts in turkey. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Uludag Ski Resort, Bursa
  2. Erciyes Ski Resort, Kayseri
  3. Palandoken Ski Resort, Erzurum
  4. Sarikamis Ski Resort, Kars
  5. Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Bolu
  6. Ilgaz Mountain Resort, Kastamonu
  7. Kartepe Ski Centre, Kocaeli
  8. Saklikent Ski Resort, Antalya
  9. Bozdag Ski Centre, Izmir
  10. Davraz Ski Centre, Isparta

Luscious food is waiting for you

Turkish cuisine is one of the most delicious and flavorful cuisines in the world. People of Turkey are found to be very ardent regarding their food. Each region on visit Turkey has its speciality in its cuisine. Like if we talk about northeastern Turkish cuisine, locals always try to put anchovies( a small fish of hamsi) on every food. Whether it is rice or a dessert, it always has a tiny pinch of anchovies on it. On the other hand, kebabs are common in southeastern Turkish cuisine. In addition, baklava is also common here.

Some of the delicious and famous dishes of turkey are as follows:

  1. Muhammara ( walnut and red pepper dip)
  2. Pastirma (spicy dried beef)
  3. Shakshuka (eggplant cooked with olive oil)
  4. Yaprak dolma ( grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables)
  5. Inegol kofte (beef and lamb meatballs)
  6. lokum( turksih delight)
  7. Perde pilau (certain rice)

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Beaches of Turkey

No doubt, there are a lot of attractions in visit Turkey, but beaches are one of the best of them. You can find such a beautiful scenic view near the coastline of turkey. Along its sun-blessed shores, calm, crystalline waters lap against pristine sweeps of sand and ruins guard hid jade coves from ancient civilizations. Turkey has long been a top beach destination with a long western coastline that splashes the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. European tourists arrive in their droves during summer to soak up a few weeks of sun, sand, and sea. A walk near the seashore soothes your soul. If you are a nature-loving person and love to spend time near the shiny water reflecting sky and sunshine, then turkey is for you.

Some of the beautiful beaches of Turkey are:

  1. Kabak beach, Fethiye
  2. Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz
  3. Cleopatra’sCleopatra’s beach, Alanya
  4. Patara beach, Gelemis
  5. Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

Best place for shopping buffs

As explained above, the location of turkey is such that it partially in Europe and partially in Asia.

So due to geographical diversity, you can also see the variety in your shopping experiences. There are so many shopping arcades which you can explore and enjoy in visit Turkey. Some of the places where you can buy famous things of turkey are as follows:

1. Grand bazaar

It is the biggest and oldest shopping centre in Istanbul. If you want to bring some souvenirs during your visit to Turkey, the grand bazaar is the best place for you. You can find country specialities here. This marker was established in 1450. It includes more than 4000 stores. You can purchase many things in sales such as carpets, ceramics, rugs, tea, lamps, ornaments, etc.

2. Spice bazaar

Spices are the best thing you should buy in Istanbul. This market is near the grand bazaar. After collecting souvenirs from the great need, head towards the spice market to purchase some Egyptian and domestic spices. Apart from exotic spices, you will find dry fruits, nuts, wolves coffee, etc. if we talk about history, this market was constructed in 1660, and the earnings of the market were devoted to the mosque and charitable activities.

3. Bagdat street

Source: Wikipedia

This street is 9 kilometres in length. It is not a market with some specific speciality. Instead, you will find varieties of stores here. The road includes departmental stores, shopping malls, and posh restaurants. You can buy designer clothes, fancy jewellery, sculptures, prints, home decor, etc., after spending time shopping; you can rest and have some delicious food in a restaurant in Bagdad street.

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Turkey is a marvellous place to explore and discover some interesting places and things that will remain in your mind a lovely memory for a lifetime. Turkey is a country of diversity. Whether we talk about culture, clothes, or food, everything has variety and diversity in it. There is no place for repetition, and you will find something new each day during your visit Turkey. This country can satisfy every type of traveller, whether he is a food buff, shopping lover, adventure person, or nature lover. Turkey has a variety to offer to every person.

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