VR games without controller Learn how to play : top 10 games

VR games without controller: To get the most out of VR gaming, there’s no way around the fact that extra hardware like controllers and headsets make a huge difference when it comes to having fun. The controller makes playing VR games (VR games without controller) on your Android phone is even more fun.

 However, thanks to Daydream and Good Cardboard, there has been a lot of progress today. So, you can enjoy the fun with just the headset, so you don’t need a lot of things.

The answer is yes. You won’t be able to interact with the game in this way. There is, of course, still enough excitement for sessions, even if there is a little less excitement. It is also possible to play VR games for Android without a controller. So, let’s talk about them today. 

Top 10 VR games to play without a controller

  1. VR Street Jump

If you grew up playing games like Frogger and are looking for something similar, VR (VR games without controller)Street Jump is one of the greatest virtual reality games available. You navigate through traffic using just your head movement, and your objective is to avoid being struck since this will restart the level. Unlike Frogger, which required near-perfect action, VR Street Jump can be somewhat disorienting. The extra realism provided by VR also makes things far frightening than their 2D counterparts that we enjoyed as children. You’ll need a genuine VR headset, such as the Oculus or HTC Vive since movement is controlled by button pushes rather than a controller.

  1. Darknet

If you want to experience the same feelings as Elliot Anderson from Mr. Robot without running afoul of the law, you may do so on Darknet. The game borrows elements from cyberpunk films such as Blade Runner and combines them with intelligent puzzles. Your objective is to penetrate and infect numerous websites using viruses, exploits, and worms to steal data. And it would help if you did all of this before authorities become aware of your activities. The game is timed, and each second is valuable. While the game does not need controllers, your headset must have a button for interacting with all the hacking nodes and other things that show in-game. The game is compatible with Android, Oculus, PlayStation, and PC (Steam), so you may choose the platform that best suits your needs.

  1. Snow Strike

There is no need for snow to have a snow battle and no better way to do it than with Snow Strike on Android or Oculus. Those who live in warm regions and wish to experience the sensation of a snow battle just download the game and start playing; no controls are required! The gamer has the feel of a tower defense game, where you must defend your tower against other attackers attempting to knock down your castle. The game provides a 360-degree view of your surroundings. All you need to do is aim at your adversaries and push a button to fire while merely turning your head in the appropriate directions will be enough to avoid any incoming strikes.

  1. VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360

While street racing is not legal, if you want to participate without being arrested or injuring yourself, all you need is your phone and a simple VR headset (VR games without controller). There are several vehicles to select from, each of which may be modified with things earned during the game. It is one of the most refined virtual reality experiences available, with no frame drops or technological difficulties. It is possible to operate your automobile without using any buttons, and the controls will feel entirely accurate depending on the quality of the gyro on your phone. Menu navigation is also possible without buttons; all that is required is to glance at the appropriate alternatives and wait until the desired menu item is highlighted.

  1. VR X-Racer

If you’re a racing game enthusiast who’s wary of playing on your PS4 or Xbox One and wants something that feels more authentic, VR X-Racer is the game for you. While the game lacks the mind-blowing graphics of something like Need for Speed, it does provide access to well-designed racing that will captivate you with its stunning 3D layered views. The races are always competitive, and even though you’re competing against AI-driven vehicles, you’ll discover that the majority of races are neck-and-neck and too close for comfort. Unlike other racing games, which concentrate only on the racetrack and adversaries, VR X-Racer includes random obstacles that occur on the map to keep you occupied. To operate your automobile, all you have to do is tilt your head in any way. To brake, while cutting curves, just lift your head back and move left or right to turn your automobile.

  1. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a VR (VR games without controller) experience available on both Oculus and smartphone devices. The game is well-made enough that a cardboard headset is sufficient for the whole experience. You may also play it as a regular mobile game without the VR components, although that reduces the excitement. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a fast-paced shooter where you glide through colorful realms full of hazards and other features. The game concept is stunning, and you will be unable to stop playing. Small glass barriers will attempt to prevent you from going, and you must remove them so you don’t crash. Many animations that occur when you take something out or smash into anything are pretty sophisticated and nicely crafted.

  1. VR Roller Coaster

Have you always wanted to ride a roller coaster but were afraid? Now you may do it unlimited times on VR Roller Coaster. The most attractive feature of the game is that you can ride thrilling roller coasters and design your own. There are almost 60 courses to pick from, and you may customize not just the roller coasters but the whole theme park. You may also mix and match roller coaster vehicles to customize your experience. After creating your fantasy roller coaster, just put on your Google Cardboard and go. With excellent headphones, you may get the same sensation as a genuine roller coaster. It’s a fun way to spend time since it stimulates creativity while also providing fantastic adrenaline high. You can get started with VR games (VR games without controller) for less than $100.

  1. Trooper 2

People think of first-person VR games like Resident Evil 7 and other high-end titles that need controllers and powerful VR gear to play. Suppose you don’t have a good VR headset or controllers? You can still enjoy the real first-person shooting experience on your smartphone using Google Cardboard or any other bespoke DIY headset. Trooper 2 is also accessible to those new to FPS games. To be excellent with trooper 2, you don’t need to be a seasoned FPS veteran with god-like aim. The game provides complete 360-degree coverage, allowing you to shoot from any angle and move freely. We suggest playing in a spacious environment with no lost items to avoid injury. 

  1. End space VR cardboard

While Deep Space Battle VR is for Android, End Space VR is for iOS. Despite being a smartphone game, the game is incredibly immersive because of the outstanding 3D visuals. Less expertise is required to defeat waves of monsters as the game progresses. The game’s limitless game options will keep you fascinated for hours. Unfortunately, there are no buttons to push since the game is controlled by head movement.

  1. Deep-sea war battle

Want to fly a Jedi Starfighter from Star Wars? Then try Deep Space Battle VR. You may quickly pass through the sky and destroy opposing fleets with a basic VR games without controller headset. Taking a few consecutive shots from fighting spacecraft ends the game. Next, you may explore the stunning galaxy vistas and dramatic explosions. You don’t need a controller; just move your head, and your phone’s gyroscope will adjust your aim while flying. Just aim and fire, and you’ll be able to wipe down scores of enemy spacecraft in no time.

How to play No-VR controller gaming

Some VR games may be played without VR gear, but you need a headset for an authentic VR experience. Like The PlayRoom VR, some games will enable local multiplayer modes that allow a PS VR user and other players to play together utilizing the PS VR games without controller Social Screen. But such games are uncommon.

However, certain VR games may be played without a VR games without controller controller.


That concludes my list of ten VR games for Android without a controller that is a lot of fun to play. Perhaps the experience will be less exhilarating than using a great controller. However, this does not mean you should sit back just because a circumstance prevents you from purchasing a VR games without controller.

You can always have a good time with what you have. Thus, congratulations on spending the time to research this subject. See You Soon on Another Subject!


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