What is the difference between GTA V and GTA VI for Mobile Phone

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is popular across the globe, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s curiosity-striking storyline, dynamic graphics and the liberty to do pretty much anything you want in the city, is enough to keep you addicted for hours.

Ever since it first started, GTA has come a long way. Now, the latest version is the GTA V and GTA VI is soon to be released as well. This has fans on the edge of their seats, and eager to know about what new features will be added in GTA VI, or, simply how it will differ from GTA V.

How GTA V and GTA VI is different for mobile phones

To find the difference, let’s first see what features GTA V had. It is set in the city of Los Santos, with your character, Franklin, being involved in organized crime. You will also be introduced to Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips. You will be frequently switching between the three characters, and all of them will have their unique perspective and storyline.

The map is vast and big, and there are plenty of vehicles that you can steal. The graphics are obviously much more improved as compared to the prequels of the game, and new weapons have been introduced. There is a wide possibility of things that you can do, and missions and side quests have been incorporated in the game to keep it interesting!

Now, comes GTA VI. The much-awaited sequel to the popular GTA V. Much speculation has been going around about where it will be set. Many people are of the view that it will take place in sun-soaked Vice City – back to the basics! Multiple new things will be added, like:

  1. New range of weapons and ammunition
  2. Side missions 
  3. New locations
  4. Customization of cars

Then, we move on to the character. Fans also want to know which character they will be playing with this time! Word on the street is that the famous CJ might make a return. Alongside that, a new character, known as ‘the Mexican’ is also said to be a part of the game. GTA VI will also have a female protagonist. This will be a new twist by Rockstar Games, as it is yet to be seen in any of its games.

A leak, although yet to be confirmed, has revealed that the game will have some kind of cryptocurrency. This could come from the richer characters in the game, especially when they need to transfer a big amount of currency to the character.

Can you play them on mobile phones? 

Download gta 5 apk for android 

You can play GTA V through Steam link or the Xbox Game Pass subscription on your mobile phone. Similarly, once GTA VI is released, you may also be able to play it on your device! 

Much cannot be said about if GTA VI will officially be released on mobile phones. If we look at the deal with Zynga, it could be highly possible that the game be released for mobile phone users.

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