Wildfires in Canada: Meaning, Causes & Effects

Wildfires are among the natural calamities that cause severe destruction to flora and fauna. However, humans should be held responsible for wildfires in Canada as the increased temperature of the earth, plain lands, other human activities are causing wildfires in Canada nowadays.

Every year many countries spend billions of Dollars battling and stopping wildfires. Yet, they lose people, wildlife, important plants in wildfires in Canada. For the last few years, wildfires in Canada have increased at a very alarming rate.

More than 700 wildfires occur every year in the US, burning more than 7 million acres of land. You can easily guess how much wildlife, plants, and structures get affected by these wildfires. Today let’s know about what wildfires in Canada are, what are causes and effects of Wildfires are!

What are Wildfires?

The forest fire is also said to be a bushfire, woodland fires, grass fires, forest fires, and peat fires, depending on the nature of the plants, which were destroyed by fire.

These are the unintended, unexpected, and unplanned fires that occur in the wildlands. The fires are so intense that they burn at temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is twice as high as that of the surface temperature of the Venus surface. The flames of the fires can reach 50 feet in height.

Forest fires change the weather of the location they are burning on. Forest fires spread at double speed than a human can run. With that being said, it’s pretty hard to end up with something like this.

Causes Due to Wildfires in Canada

Forest fires spread due to the triangle of oxygen, heat, and fuel. Whenever a fire starts, it runs in the direction where plenty of one of these is available. Mainly forests have almost all these requirements, and when a fire starts, it becomes tough for anyone to stop them.

Here are the causes due to which wildfires in Canada start and spread!

a. Human Causes

Humans cause about 90% of all forest fires. Accidents, deliberate acts of arson, incineration of waste, fireworks, and other important causes of a forest fire. Here are human causes that result in wildfires:-

1. Smoking – It is an uncontrollable habit of people to smoke while on a drive, walk or ride a bike, and after smoking, they through the lit cigarette bud without putting it out. The lit bud can cause wildfires in Canada and result in loss of money, lives, and nature.  

2. Unattended Campfires – Camping is a fun experience, and I’m willing to bet that most people love camping as a way to connect with nature and have a good time in the open air. 

However, during camping, or outdoor adventures, people tend to leave unattended lit fires or flammable materials to ignite a forest fire. Therefore, it is substantial that all of the lit fires and combustible materials are fully extinguished after use to prevent natural disasters from fires.

3. Fireworks – Humans use fireworks on various occasions for celebrations. But these fireworks can cause massive wildfires in Canada, which eventually lead to loss of money and lives. 

4. Machinery Accidents – Sometimes, hot air balloons or car crashes can start wildfires. Even a spark can start a wildfire. Even old electric appliances can start wildfires in Canada which eventually cause huge losses. 

5. Arson – Some people intentionally set fire to destroy the land, house, or other property; this intentionally set fire sometimes becomes out of control. As a result, it results in massive wildfires. 

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b. Natural Causes

Natural causes accounted for about 10% of all fires. However, the fires result from other natural causes, varying from one region to another, depending on the plant, soil, climate, and terrain. However, there are just two of the most important natural causes (lightning and volcanic eruptions). Even just too much heat due to the sun can cause wildfires in Canada.

Wildfires in Canada: Meaning, Causes & Effects

Effects of Wildfires in Canada

1. Loss of Ecosystem and Bio-diversity

Wildfires destroy the home of different animals, birds, and other creatures and destroy trees, plants. Wildfires destroy everything in their way. Even it can reach the building and homes of people and can kill them.

Most small animals remain at risk of losing their lives, including snakes, insects, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Wildfires in Canada cause the loss of the whole ecosystem. Most animals can detect these fires, by which they migrate early. But the ones who don’t migrate, die in the wildfire.

2. Forest Degradation

Forest fires, which occur in the dry tropical forests, are the leading cause of the depletion of the forest. When a forest fire occurs, there are thousands of acres of trees and nature that got destroyed.

Each year, there are forest fires in the different forest regions, which constantly decrease the quality of some forest characteristics, such as soil productivity, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

3. Air Pollution and Soil Degradation

Plants and trees are responsible for purifying atmospheric air. But when these trees and plants get burnt by Wildfires in Canada, it decreases the quality of air. Greenhouse gases also increase in the atmosphere due to the burning of forests.

It further leads to more global warming. Also, huge clouds form due to the burning of forests. Forest soil has many microorganisms which keep the soil fertile and healthy. But when these microorganisms get killed in wildfires, the fertility of soil reduces. Also, no trees and plants make soil bare, resulting in soil erosion.

4. Affect on Water Sources

Almost all the natural water sources come from rivers flowing through forests. But when these forests catch fires, water sources also get affected, causing a decrease in water quality or less water stream.

5. Economic loss and Impact on Human

Wildfires cause substantial economic losses. Firstly, the financial loss of valuable trees and plants which get destroyed in Wildfires. Then comes the loss of properties that get burned down in wildfires. Then the amount spent on stopping the wildfires. Finally, even amounts need to be paid after wildfires.

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Wildfires result in fatalities of citizens and firefighters. In addition, due to wildfires, the quality of air index decreases, resulting in low-quality oxygen for inhaling. People with allergies even get affected more. Wildfires in Canada are not beneficial in any way. However, we all should improve ourselves so that wildfires don’t occur due to human reasons.

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