Control YouTube on TV with phone- activate

Do you know about Control YouTube on TV with the phone- activate? You can now play youtube on your TV. Read complete and you will. There was a time when we used to connect headphones to phones and watch our favorite youtube show all on that. But, with the change of gadgets and technology, we now have access to smart TV, Android TV, Fire Sticks, and high-speed internet. This all takes us to the new era of Youtube on TV. So, here we are with a much better experience for you all with Youtube on TV. And here we will teach you how to start youtube on TV with the start enter code.  

What is YouTube on TV?

Youtube is a platform to upload different kinds of videos. It could be entertainment, sports news, movies, or random videos. Anyone could create their channel and upload any video according to guidelines. For the public, all these videos are available. Now, you can connect your phone’s Youtube to TV if you watch something on your phone and think of playing that video on TV. Youtube makes this possible with activate code. Here we will give you this trick’s all step. 

Where would I get activate?

Because most people aren’t aware of utilizing YouTube on a Smart TV, we’ve put up this guide to help. Users are visiting activate may input code. Using enter code is simple. To get YouTube working on your Smart TV, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Turn on a hotspot and connect both your phone and TV to the same connection. 
  • Open Youtube App on TV. 
  • Open Settings in Youtube App on TV. 
  • Scroll down to link with code or start enter code.
  • Now open your phone’s youtube. 
  • Click on settings go to Watch on TV. 
  • Click on Link with TV code.
  • After you complete entering activate click on link.
  • Your phone is now successfully connected to your TV’s Youtube. activate

The activation code that appears on your Smart Tv will function if YouTube isn’t operating on it already. Use activate to get YouTube working on your Smart Tv and other compatible devices. To accomplish this, go to link on your Smart Tv and enter your username and password. This section will help you if you’re unable to locate the activation code entry procedures at

YouTube on TV – How to activate YouTube TV on Roku?

  • Check to see whether you’re using wifi
  • After that, return to the main menu.
  • To access the Roku channel shop, choose it and then click “OK.”
  • You may select Youtube as the top free choice and then click OK.
  • Select Add channel from the drop-down menu and then click OK.
  • Please be patient for a short period. Then navigate to your media by pressing the home button on your remote.
  • Now go to the YouTube TV channel and click on the Play button
  • Select the gear symbol from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • After that, sign in using your Google account information.
  • You’ll be able to get an 8-digit code.
  • Then go to to begin the process.
  • Sign in with your email and password and type in the promo code
  • Allow the procedure to continue by clicking Allow. You’ve completed your task.

How to enter activation code at

  • To start, go to YouTube on your Smart TV and click on
  • Watch your TV for the activation code to be shown.
  • Enter in your web browser and click “Start.”
  • After that, connect your device by inputting the activation code.
  • To verify your connection, click the following button.
  • Finally, congratulations, your work is complete.

Final Wording from Author

If you just have purchased a new device. You must still be setting up your accounts and other data on that. We hope you have completed the process of activating your activate. Moreover, you can easily follow these steps to access your youtube on smart tv, media players, game console, and smart displays. Follow us on Instagram for more information.




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